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    8th grade supply list 20-21:

    *Please note that there will NOT be class sets of materials of classroom supplies. It is imperative all students have the below materials. There will also be no sharing of supplies between students.

    · Pencils

    · Pens

    · 3 composition books/ 3 spiral notebooks/ OR a binder with loose leaf paper and 3 sections

    · Headphones/earbuds (NO BLUETOOTH ONES)

    · Brick and Mortar students:

    o Bring charging cord DAILY.

    o Device needs to be fully charged at the start of each day.


    Suggested Supplies (these are not required):

    · Hand sanitizer

    · Water bottle with student’s name

    · Scientific calculator

    · Mouse for device

    · Stylus if you are using a touch screen device

    · Mat or towel to sit on outside during mask breaks


    *Individual teachers may request additional supplies and will let you know the first week of school.

    *Facemasks must be worn at school and on buses. If your family feels additional PPE (such as a face shield or glasses) would be helpful, your child is welcome to wear them, but it is not required.


    7th grade supply list 20-21:

    All of us on the Seventh Grade Team look forward to seeing your student soon.
    ● Personal wireless digital device (NOT A CELL PHONE OR iPAD)*
    -Device should be fully charged at the start of each day
    -Bring charging cord daily
    -Bring mouse or stylus for device daily, if needed
    ● 2 spiral notebooks with at least 3 sections and 1 pocket folder with prongs and
    loose-leaf paper
    1 binder with loose-leaf paper and seven tabs
    ● Pencils with erasers
    ● Small pencil sharpener
    ● Pens
    ● Highlighters
    ● One pair of student scissors
    ● Glue stick(s)
    ● Dry erase marker(s)
    ● Earbuds (NOT BLUETOOTH) (brick and mortar students only)
    ● Hand sanitizer
    ● Water bottle with student’s name
    Students may bring a mat or towel to sit on outside during mask breaks, if desired
    The programs being used for curriculum are cloud based, including the Microsoft Office suite. Therefore, all devices must be equipped
    with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Our cloud-based programs, the Canvas LMS platform, and digital textbook do not
    operate correctly outside of Chrome or Mozilla.
    If you do not have a personal device to send with your child to use in school, or one at home for Digital Academy students, please
    contact Montford as soon as possible to ensure that your child has already been placed on the list to be issued a temporary device until
    the Chromebooks bought by the district are available to be issued to all students.
    Facemasks must be worn on school property and on buses. Additional PPE (such as a face shield or glasses) may be utilized by
    students as families deem necessary.