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  • Technology Information

    Conley is one of the most technologically equipped schools in the state of Florida. Every classroom on our campus contains a mounted SMART interactive whiteboard and digital projector, a document camera, an integrated classroom audio system, and several student computers loaded with academic software to enhance the learning process. We have a robust wired network as well as complete wireless network connectivity. Each of our teachers has been assigned a laptop to use on campus and at home to improve communication and enhance efficiency so they can spend more time working with students. Our teachers are eager to adopt new technologies that show promise in enhancing their curriculum or improving student engagement.

    In addition to these tools, we've chosen curriculums that include Internet-based content to make it easier for students to access textbooks and supplemental materials both on campus and at home. Parents can track the progress of their students in many of these systems. Fourth and fifth grade students use laptops to take assessments and to supplement traditional research methods. Other grade levels use iPods to integrate multimedia into their lessons as well as the SMART Response system, which engages students and gives teachers the data necessary to meet each student's individual needs.

    See the descriptions below to get a better understanding of how technology is integrated throughout the day at Conley, and for links to the components of our curriculum that can be used from home. User names and passwords for the systems with at-home access will be sent home by the classroom teachers as soon as they are available. Some systems apply to specific grade levels only. If you have questions, contact James Sadler, Conley's technology coordinator, at sadlerj@leonschools.net.

    Gradebook Parent Portal
    • Gradebook - Formerly known as Pinpoint, Gradebook is Leon County's online information integration system designed to enhance communication between home and school. Get your child's grades in real-time, see upcoming assignments, grade summaries, missing assignments, as well as attendance and profile information. The Gradebook site also contains several instruction guides, support documents, tutorial videos, and a Frequently Asked Questions page. If you need a copy of your parent log in information sheet, please see our registrar, Mrs. McCallum.

    Online Software with At-Home Access

    • Accelerated Reader/STAR Reading - these two software packages are developed by Renaissance Learning, Inc. and are packaged together in an online portal known as Renaissance Place. Three times a year, students log in to the software to take the STAR Reading test. This adaptive test determines each student's reading level. Based on this data, students check out books that are challenging enough to improve their reading skills while still easy enough to be interesting. As students read books, they log in to Accelerated Reader to take comprehension quizzes. Parents can track their children's progress through Renaissance Place Home Connect. Ask your student for his or her user name and password to log in and see which books your child has read and how well he or she is doing in terms of comprehension. Want to know if your child is reading an AR book? Use AR Book Find.
    • Reading Wonders Online - this site is the online component of the Wonders reading curriculum that has been adopted by the Leon County School District. Students can log in to access an electronic version of their reading textbook and related resources. Teachers will send home login information as it becomes available. This site is used daily in the classroom in conjunction with the SMART interactive whiteboards to make the reading curriculum more engaging for students.
    • ThinkCentral - this site is the online component of Go Math, Conley's arithmetic curriculum. Students can log in to access an electronic version of their math textbook and related resources. Teachers will send home login information as it becomes available. This site is used daily in the classroom in conjuction with the SMART interactive whiteboards to make the math curriculum more engaging for students. Parents can download the Go Math Strategies Notebook to learn about the different strategies children are using in class to solve math problems and to be able to offer extra support at home.
    • FCAT Explorer - an online system that helps students learn about and practice the skills tested on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. This system is not used during the school day at Conley, but we strongly encourage parents to use it with their students at home. Teachers will send home login information as it becomes available.
    • Destiny Catalog - allows students to browse Conley's online catalog and search for available books in our library. Students can also log in to their accounts and see what books they currently have checked out.
    • SuccessMaker Home Access - Leon County is pleased to offer this opportunity to our students for home access to Successmaker. After you click the link, go to the Help documents on the left side of the page for step by step directions. Make sure your child is using the login that has his student # and home! If your child's log in does not work, email your site contact for verification. Parents please note that we are unable to be your tech support for this. If your home computer meets the specifications, everything should be fine. Parents there are limited licenses for student access. If your child tries to log in, but the system says there are no licenses available, just try again later.

    Additional Links for Student At Home

    School Use Only Software

    • Pearson SuccessMaker - a research-based comprehensive computerized curriculum that tracks students' progress. This program runs internally on a server at Conley, so it is not available for home use. Students complete SuccessMaker sessions in math and reading daily, and teachers run reports to track their progress. The reports help teachers plan interventions.
    • FASTT Math - a software package that takes math fact flash cards and makes them more fun and engaging for students, while providing teachers with data on the students' progress. This program runs internally on a server at Conley, so it is not available for home use. It is a favorite for many of our students. Students are placed in an operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) at the beginning of the year based on their grade level. The first time they log in, the software has them type numbers rapidly so it can determine their typing speed. From then on, students complete a number of flash cards followed by a grid with the facts that they know. Teachers can run reports to see which facts each student has mastered.
    • Read Naturally - a reading intervention program that helps teachers track a student's reading progress. This program runs internally on a server at Conley, so it is not available for home use.
    • AIMS - is a reading assessment and RTI (Response to Intervention) tool used for universal screening, progress monitoring, and data management for students in Kindergarten through third grade. Aimsweb provides guidance to administrators and teachers based on accurate, continuous, and direct student assessment. Progress monitoring is used to identify struggling students early and to monitor student acquisition of foundational academic skills throughout the year.
    • Discovery Streaming - a collection of thousands of video clips that teachers can integrate into their lessons. Our subscription to this site is for teachers, so it is not available at home. Teachers use this site regularly in conjuction with their SMART interactive whiteboards to make their lessons more engaging.
    • Raptor - our web-based Visitor Manager System. This system is connected to the national sex offenders database, and helps us ensure the safety of our students by scanning every visitor admitted onto our campus.


    • SMART Board
    • Document Camera
    • Digital Projector
    • Classroom Amplification System
    • iMac Desktop Computer
    • Macbook Laptop Computer
    • SMART Response System
    • Airliner Wireless Slate
    • Digital Camera
    • iPod Touch
    • iPad