• Welcome to Special Area Media Class!

    Special Area Media class welcomes students in grades K-5! Special area media classes have started for students in kindergarten, first and second grades.  These classes will continue until December 20th.  Third through fifth graders will have special area media classes the second half of the year, from January through May.  Kindergarteners will learn how to take care of their library books.  They will also learn basic computer skills (using a mouse, logging on to our website).  Finally, they will enjoy story times as they explore the parts of a book, authors, illustrators and fiction and nonfiction books.  First graders will focus on learning the parts of a computer, how to log on and navigate the resources available through our school website.  They will learn to research a favorite topic using the K-2 Pebble Go Database, then share their results using Flipgrid.  Second Graders will delve deeper into computer basics and begin to learn how to program with Code.Org.  Stay tuned to find out about third through fifth grade plans in January.   I hope your child has a wonderful year!