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    Welcome Parents and Students,


    As we begin our new way of work, you will be able to find all assignments and pertinent information for Computer Applications in Business 1 here on my website starting April 13th.


    We will be using TEAMS/Email to communicate

    Email is Preferred.






    WEEK 7 MAY 11-15

    Each student will create a calendar for the either the month of April or May using tables. The calendar should include color, pictures and different font styles and sizes. Please include your daily activities since you have been out of school. For example: On the April 1st date you could put in Did school work, slept late, etc.


    WEEK 8 MAY 18-22

    Please use the internet to answer the questions on the attached assignment. Most answers can be found on Quizlet. Remember you may submit your papers in whatever method is easiest for you.


     Keyword Matching


    WEEK 5 - April 27-May 1

    Each student is to create a flyer using either Microsoft Word or Publisher announcing the Swift Creek Middle School Virtual Talent Show. Information about the talent show such as time, place, audtions and prizes is attached in a separate document. The flyer should contain Borders, backgrounds, WordArt and pictures.

    Talent Show Info



    WEEK 6 - MAY 4-8


    Please answer the questions on keyboarding that is attached. Most of the questions you should be able to answer from the beginning of the semester. If you are not sure you may look them up using the internet. You may either submit just the answers numbered or scan the worksheets or however is easiest for you.


    Keyboarding Questions

    WEEK 3 - April 13-17


    Word Chapter 1 Worksheet

    Please research or look up the answers via the internet. If you do not have access to the internet, answer the questions to the best of your ability based on the lessons we've done in class. On a separate sheet of paper number 1-40 and place the answer by the correct number.


    WEEK 4 - April 20-24


    Spreadsheet Test


    Please use the Spreadsheet Study Guide to answer the questions. On a separate sheet of paper number your answers like the test and put the correct answers next to the numbers. Some questions have more than one answer, for these questions please place a common between the answers. 


    Worksheets are attached at the bottom of this page as well as on TEAMS and Email.


     Microsoft Teams How-to video and guides for parents and students

    Learn at Home


    Please submit your answers either by email or through TEAMS. If you do not have internet access, please submit to the office.


    Word Worksheet        Spreadsheet Study Guide      Spreadsheet Test


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