Mr. Shivar - Special Area: Technology Instructor



    donorschoose The world is connecting more and more through technological advances, and Sabal Palm students will have opportunities to learn various skills and apply them in the world around them. Take a look at some of the offerings our students will have!

    I would like to take a moment to thank the following companies and organizations for their investment into our Technology program:

    • Walmart Supercenter (Tallahassee, FL; West Tennessee Street): $2500 in grant funds over 2 years!
    • Toshiba Foundation: $1000 in grant funds (parts and features of a tablet instruction)
    • Defensewerx: funding and equipment for starting up First Lego League Jr Robotics Squads
    • AIAA: $500 grant for funding First Lego League participation
    • Fifty-Six Creations: discounting equipment for our "Parts and Features of a Tablet" instruction
    • DonorsChoose: Multiple campaigns have given our Technology Classroom equipment and materials for studying STEM-based topics!

    These investments are increasing our school's capacitiy to provide quality STEM educational opportunities to our students - we express our thanks with great appreciation!


Coding and Programming

  • Our students are introduced to concepts and principles of coding starting in Kindergarten and continuing on up to 5th grade. I implement a variety of curricula in order to achieve this end. Check out some of these offerings:

    codeCombat scratchjr

  • typingComLogoOur students begin keyboard instruction in 1st grade and continue practicing through 5th grade in order to improve accuracy and speed. Our primary curriculum for keyboarding is, and students begin touch typing with proper finger tip placement and control. I also provide links to various typing games that can be used to increase skills and act as incentives for class.

Devices, Software and Functionality

  • tabletInternal We take the "magic box" and educate our students on why their devices work! Class segments can include "Parts of the Computer" and "Features and Parts of a Tablet/Phone", and include discussions on input and output devices, internal and external parts, and similarities and differences between devices. 

    COMING SOON in 2017-18???

    We are looking to equip our students with the skills necessary for success as they progress through school, and then into life! We hope to incorporate Digital Tools Certification Courses into our Technology Class, which may consolidate this reading category together into one curriculum. More information will be given as we investigate the dynamics of this awesome opportunity!

Kindergarten Access to ABCmouse

  • abcmouse

    Many of our Kindergarten students arrive with very little knowledge of the computer, its devices, and how the parts work together. We have also found that many of our young students are in the process of acquiring sufficient phonemic and numeric awareness to recognize and interact with devices such as the keyboard and mouse. For our Kindergarteners, we implement, a robust educational tool that will not only acclimate the students to the computer but also feature fun lessons that align with content that they are studying in their homeroom class.

    If you are the parent of a Kindergarten, we can assist you in connecting with the Lessons that we publish. While the full content of ABCmouse is a paid subscription for families, the content published in the "Lessons" is available to your student for free after you receive a unique code from us. 

    *Kindergarteners also participate in various other curriculum provided by the Technology class, and is not limited to ABCmouse.


  • Cozmo What better way to engage students with STEM than to let them build, program and interact with robots! 

    Students can take their programming lessons and apply their knowledge of algorithms, loops, variables, sequence, cause and effect, and more as they work with the robotic features in Technology class.

    Our Anki Cozmo is a robust device that is driven by an artificial intelligence! Cozmo has the ability to roam around on his own, sense his environment, and can be programmed to associate faces with names! In addition to his AI, he can also be programmed to accomplish tasks, making this device an awesome addition to our class! Click the picture to visit his website :-)

  • ozobot Our students will also hone their coding skills through the use of the Ozobot, which reads commands based on color using a color sensor located underneath the device. Students will learn how to sequence their code using the Ozobot app, and will delve into critical thinking skills like cause and effect as they synthezize instructions for the unit.

  • FLL


    First Lego League is a competitive robotics tournament. 4th and 5th grade students who demonstrate academic achievement, excellent character, and high interest are carefully selected to represent Sabal Palm Elementary! 

    Each year, the Lego Company issues a themed challenge full of missions to accomplish. The theme for the 2017-18 year is "HydroDynamics". Members of our robotics team will build and program robots specifically designed to accomplish the missions!

    Team members are not only challenged to learn and implement their STEM skills, but must also demonstrate positive attitudes towards "opponents" (with whom they may find to be collaborators on certain missions!) and be creative with their robot design and presentation. 

    Our school also has eyes and interests in establishing First Lego League JR teams, which will allow our 2nd and 3rd grade students and opportunities to develop and showcase their creativity and STEM skills! We are looking to establish teams in the 2018-19 school year.

    We are receiving support from the Defensewerx, a non-profit with a mission to develop STEM educational opportunities in schools as a means of developing tomorrow's skilled workforce. We are very thankful for helping us in this venture!

Sabal Palm Robotics Projects