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    The Visual Arts Program is a part of a very important department at Sabal Palm. We are apart of the special area department. Special area is apart of the enrichment part of your student's learning expericence during elementary school. They have an opportunity to enjoy different fun and engaging activities and learn about other aspects of learning to enhance their core curriculum learning. In the Visual arts department students are allowed to get their creativity flowing with many different actitives such as coloring, drawing, painting sculting and plently of other techniques. Students will also use some of the skills they learn in their core class such as math and Language arts. When students come to their visual arts class they will learn about different artists and learn to have an appreciation from art and all it has to offer them throughout their school career and life. We want to encourage our students to be 21st century learners and that means that Core curriculum and Creative curriculums work together to teach the student.

    Please explore this website! There are videos and assignments that will help your student fully be engaged in the arts program at Sabal Palm.