About the Registrar 
    Carlissa Hightower-Harvey
    850-617-4728 (fax)

    Office Hours
    7:30a.m. – 12:00 noon
    1:00p.m. - 2:30p.m.
  • Enrolling Your Student 

    The following information is required to enroll at Godby High School. Missing and/or incorrect documents can cause a delay in the enrollment process. Please have all the required information ready for the Registrar before attempting to register your child. 
    If you are coming to us from a Leon County Schools Middle School and live in the Leon High School zone, you must prove your address with your current middle school. Your student will be doing their course request form at their current middle school. A new registration packet is not required. 
  • Withdrawing Your Student 

    A parent/guardian must contact the Registrar and give a 24-hour business day notice of their intent to withdraw a student.
    The following things need to be done PRIOR to the student withdrawal:
    • The student needs to return all school property.
    • Pay off all outstanding obligations.
    • Return all sports related obligations including uniforms to the Athletic Office.
    • Empty locker.
    Upon notification of a student withdrawal:
    • An email will go out to High School Faculty and Staff, requesting that up to date grades and all outstanding obligation information such as text books with ID#, library fines, classroom materials, and athletic uniforms be sent to the Office by the end of the school day.
    • Finally, parents will be asked to sign a "Withdrawal from School" form and the student needs to be present to get final signature from each teacher.
  • Request a Transcript 

    Official and/or Unofficial Transcript Request for ACTIVE students
    Please complete this transcript request form and return this form to the Registrar. Upon receipt of requests, transcripts are processed in 48 hours.
    • First 5 transcripts are free for active students.
    • An additional transcript is $1.00.

    Official Transcript and/or Unofficial Transcript Request for NON-ACTIVE students