Camp Coordinator
    Eric Rodriguez







    Wondering what to do with the kids this summer?   Enroll them in The Elite Summer Camp at Swift Creek!  This is a great place for children, ages 10 through 13 years old, to socialize with their peers as they participate in daily activities and weekly fieldtrips (Due to LCS Covid-19 policies we will not be traveling this summer).  Our 2-week program will keep your child busy with a variety of activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, computer games, indoor and outdoor games, and much more!  Space is limited, so please reserve a spot today.

    Our camp is designed to provide each child an opportunity to socialize with their peers as they participate in our daily activities. 

    Camp Weeks: July 12- 16, July 19-23
    10, 11, 12 and 13 years old (Child’s Age as of July 12th )

    What’s on the Agenda?
    Our camp opens its doors on Monday July 12th at 7:30 AM and will open every weekday until July 23rd .  All children should be picked up by 6:00 PM.  The morning will start with a light breakfast, usually consisting of cereal, milk, orange juice, granola bar, etc…  After breakfast, all campers will come together for announcements and a group activity and then will depart to different rooms for our group sessions.  The morning time will consist of 2 sessions and an outside play period before lunch time.  After lunch we will engage in a reading period followed by 2 more sessions and a sports/games period.  After a brief snack time, we will engage in computer-lab time and then prepare for parents to pick up their children.   

    Fees (checks only for all payments)
    *Registration fee $50 (non-refundable) includes a shirt                    
    *Weekly fee $165;                                                       
    *Daily drop off fee $50

    All fees made payable to Leon County Schools (LCS)

    Policies and Procedures

    1. Late Fee: I understand that my child(ren) may not arrive until 7:30 am. The program closes at 6:00 pm. Parents will be charged a late fee of $1 for every minute the child is in attendance past closing time. Full day hours are 7:30AM-6:00PM. All weekly fees are due on Monday.

    2. Authorized Pick-Up: Any persons authorized to pick up your child must be listed below. Staff will not allow your child to leave the program with an unauthorized person (i.e., a person not listed below). Your written permission (dated and signed) must be given to the site supervisor if you wish to add an authorized person. Staff is required to ask for photo identification from any newly authorized person with whom staff is unfamiliar. If the person arriving to pick up your child appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, for the child's safety, staff may have to contact police.

    3. Child Abuse: Staff is required by law to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to local social services.

    4. Behavior Expectations: Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. It creates an unsafe atmosphere for children and staff. Disruptive behavior will result in a meeting with parents and evaluating if the program can meet the child's needs and whether the child can remain in the program.

    5. Field Trips: Field trips are a part of the summer camp program and transportation is provided by walking, public transportation or buses. I give my permission for the program to transport my child on field trips. I understand that, due to our commitment to ensure children's safety on field trips, I may not drop off or pick up my child from a field trip destination. (Canceled due to LCS Covid-19 Restrictions)

    6. Medication: I understand that staff may not dispense medication (over-the-counter or prescription) to my child(ren) without a signed doctor's authorization note. I also understand that I must provide the medication in its original labeled container.

    7. Photographs of Children: I understand that unless requested in writing, photographs of my child in Summer Camp activities may be used as promotional or educational/training purposes. I also post them on my website for families to view.

    8. Television/Movie Permission: I understand that my child may occasionally view television shows and G or (pre-viewed) PG rated movies. I understand that if I do not want my child to view certain movies it is my responsibility to communicate with the staff prior to movie day. An alternative activity will be available to my child.