• The safety of our students and staff is our first priority. We will continue educating our students and staff on best practices in safety. We will also continue monitoring all individuals who enter campus as well as the student and staff areas on campus.

    In addition to our previous safety procedures, we will be implementing safety protocols for Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. To assist us in communicating effectively with you, we ask that contact information for all students in Focus be updated.


    • As in previous years, we will clean and disinfect common areas nightly.
    • This year, we will add the cleaning of commonly touched areas in classrooms between class changes.
    • Hand washing will be encouraged and hand sanitizing units have been placed within each room and throughout the campus.
    • Class size has been limited where possible to allow for appropriate distancing.
    • An alternating bell schedule will be followed to reduce class changes.
    • We will have two lunch blocks to reduce the lunch population

    As we know from health guidelines, masks/face coverings prove effective in reducing the spread of a virus from individuals who are carrying a virus to healthy individuals. In addition, physical distance and hand cleaning is essential.

    • Masks/face coverings will be worn in any location where a distance of six feet cannot be obtained between individuals.
    • A cloth mask will be provided for staff and students initially. Additional masks/face coverings are the responsibility of the individual. 

    We also realize that properly wearing a mask for extended time is hard for many students. We will provide breaks and options for students who need this option.

    • Outside, we will have an area supervised by a staff member, dedicated for short mask-free breaks.
    • An interior space, supervised by a staff member, will be available for students in classes where distancing guidelines could not be met.

    Locations of Required Mask/Face Covering 

    • Classrooms where distance of 6’ between individuals cannot be obtained                                           
    • Clinic
    • Health Room                                     
    • Hallways during class change
    • Offices
    • School Bus

    Students will be monitored for adhering to the face covering policy in all required areas. Compliance to the face covering policy is expected and will follow the school discipline policy for defiance for any student who refuses to adhere to school procedures.


    • It is essential that students stay home when sick.
    • While our clinic will remain open for students who sustain injury at school or receive medication, students with symptoms of illness will report to our health room to help isolate and reduce contact. 
    • To start each school day, student temperatures will be checked by their teacher.
    • Any student with a 100 degree or higher temperature will be sent to the health room for a follow-up.
    • Students with symptoms of illness must be picked up from school by a parent or guardian. This includes students who are bus riders. 
    • Students who exhibit fever will not be allowed to return until they are fever-free for 72 hours, without the use of fever reducing medication.

    For more detailed information on Leon County Schools and Education Information visit the Safe Start Website by clicking here.