• Leon County Schools Statement on Equality and Social Justice

    The Leon County School District works every day to provide an engaging, safe and respectful learning environment that creates productive citizens who value diversity and positively contribute to society. We also endeavor to provide an environment in which all students, faculty, staff and families are treated fairly and without racial bias. As such, we recognize and empathize with the current events and systemic trauma of the African-American community. We stand in solidarity with all those who oppose racism and racial injustice.

    Our public schools, public institutions, community-based organizations, families, guardians and houses of worship play a critical role in countering prejudice, hatred and discrimination. Together we prepare young people in our diverse society to appreciate differences, overcome conflicts and contribute to society.

    That is why LCS continues to take action and will work to ensure that the District remains responsive and proactive. We commit to enhance our racial sensitivity and bias training and education for our district. We will continue to urge federal, state and local leaders to invest in research-proven supports for students such as counselors, school psychologists and social workers and in programs that foster positive social, behavioral, emotional and academic success. Collectively, we will empower our local communities to strengthen policies that protect the civil rights of all citizens, and continue to speak out and denounce hate and hateful behavior that denigrates people based on race and ethnicity.

    We know that building the great public schools we envision— with welcoming and supportive teaching and learning environments—requires all of us speaking truth to power.

    Together, we will work to ensure our public schools are the beacons of our communities that our students, educators, staff and families deserve.

Last Modified on June 19, 2020