Welcome to 8th Grade, Pre-Algebra - END OF YEAR

  • We're finally here, folks! Week 8 is the last week of assignments for the year! :)

    All students will complete one final assignment for the end of the year, titled "Marching Band Sets!" and located under "Important Documents" here on the teacher website.

    I've provided blank grid paper for you to use for the assignment, but you may also choose to do it in Excel instead if you wish. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, and be sure to ask any questions if you have them. I've included small examples within the explanation for you to base yours off of, and a rubric to give you information on what the grade will be based upon.

    If you have completed all of the work assigned to you after finishing this final part, then you're all done - enjoy your summer break! Otherwise, use the last portion of time to catch up on missing Week 7 worksheets and get those in before May 24th.

    I will not accept ANY work beyond May 24th - please be careful about this date! Grades are due shortly after that point and there is a hard cutoff that I cannot move. If you are unsure of whether or not you'll meet that deadline for whatever reason, you need to contact me sooner rather than later so we can work something out!

    This is the finish line, folks. Good work this year!


    Best wishes,
    Mr. Davis

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