School Store

  • Our store is open  Thursday mornings, 8:00-8:25 am.

    It is located under the covered area near the entrance to the Media Center. The store has an assortment of school supplies as well as KLES t-shirts, hats, and travel mugs.

    It accepts cash and checks made out to KLES PTO. (Sorry, no credit or debit cards.)


    Items in School Store:

    Small Pencil Cap Erasers         3/25¢
    Pencils                                   25¢
    Notepads                               25¢
    Glue Sticks                             50¢
    Pencil Lead Refill                     50¢
    Pencil Topper Eraser                50¢
    Stuffed Animal Pencil Hugger   75¢
    Mechanical Pencils                   75¢/$1
    Erasers                                   75¢
    Colored Pens                           75¢
    Pencil Sharpener                     $1
    Pencil Case                             $1
    Change Purse                         $1
    Folders                                   $1
    Highlighters                            $1
    Rubber Bracelets                     $1