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    Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 School Year!!


    We will not be using this webpage after we get going this year.  We will be using a learning platform called Canvas located in Classlink.  "Canvas - Leon" will be one of the icons there.  Every day of class, whether you are a physically in the classroom or attending class via the Digital Academy (DA), you will log-in to Classlink when class starts, click the Canvas icon, and click the Live Zoom Meeting on the Canvas Homepage.  For DA students, logging into the daily Zoom meeting is your proof of attendance.

    For students attending school in person, each day you must bring your fully charged computer, your headphones/earbuds, and your PPE (Protective Personal Equipment).  Each night your homework will be to CHARGE YOUR COMPUTER so it will be ready for use the next day.  



    Supply List  

    Supply List  



    Class Syllabus