•  Necessary Paperwork for Registration: (Items in bold are required when registering)

    1. Two Proofs of Residency (You must provide one from each of the following categories).

    • Proof #1: (One of the following) Current Homestead Exemption, mortgage statement, lease or rental agreement, property tax record, etc.
    • Proof #2: (One of the following) Current utility bill, phone bill, etc.

    Affidavit of Residency/Homeowner Aggreement: (Provide this form only if residing with a homeowner in our school zone. Form must be notarized. Homeowner must also provide proof of residency in their name). You may print an Affidavit of Residency/Homeowner Agreement here. Both documents must be printed and filled out.

    Affidavit of Residency Form:


    Homeowner's/Renter's Acknowledgement Form:


    2. Copy of birth certificate

    3. Immunization record

    • Florida shot record on form HRS 680—can be obtained from health department, or a doctor’s office.

    4. Physical

    • Physical within one year if enrolling in Leon County Schools for the 1st time, or from out-of-state.

    5. Custody or Court Documents (Only if applicable).

    6. School Reassignment Form (Only if applicable).

    7. Copy of Social Security card (Not required by law).

    8. Current report card (This is needed to ensure that the student has appropriate placement).

    9. Standardized Test Results (This is helpful to provide if student is entering from a private or out-of-state school).

    10. Withdrawal form from previous school.

    11. Name and mailing address of previous school (If student was homeschooled, please provide the last student evaluation).


    Print a parent/guardian registration checklist here:

    Registration Checklist

    Residency Process Information

    School Zone Look-up: