• Welcome to Killearn Lakes Elementary School! The information on this page will assist you in registering your child.

    Who can attend Killearn Lakes Elementary?

    Students can attend the school for which they are zoned. Use the School Zone Lookup Tool on the school district's website to determine your school zone. For information about School Choice and reassignment options, visit the school district's School Choice Office website.

    How do I start the registration process?


    NEW!! For the 2021-2022 School year, students new to Leon County Schools will begin the registration process online. Please go to . After completing the online portion of registration, please bring the following to our office:

    What else do I need to complete registration?

      1. Birth Certificate. Original needed for verification, we will only keep a copy.
      2. Current Florida health physical. Must be signed by a Flordia healthcare provider and dated within 1 year of their first day of school.
      3. Current Florida Immunization Form 680. The local health department or a private physician can transfer immunization records to this form.
      4. Two current proofs of your address. One from each category: 
        1. Mortgage statement or lease agreement, current Homestead Exemption, Property Tax Record
        2. Current Electric bill (preferred), driver’s license, home insurance bill, vehicle registration
      5. Court documents pertaining to custody, if applicable.
      6. The most recent report card, if applicable. Also, any academic or other paperwork that you would like us to have when placing your child with a teacher.


    Your registration will not be complete until the school registrar has received the required documents.  You may submit the documents by the following ways:


    • Bring all documents to the KLES office.

    If you are registering during the summer, any additional forms will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. If you are registering during the school year, you will be given these forms to complete when you come to our office. For additional information about kindergarten registration, please see our Kindergarten Registration link on the top left of this page.

    What if I live with someone else and don’t have a mortgage or lease agreement?

    If you live with another person and the home mortgage or lease is in their name, you must complete an Affidavit of Residency. The person you are living with must complete the Homeowner’s-Renter’s Acknowledgement form. Both forms will need to be notarized.

    The person you are living with also needs to verify their address with two current proofs of address, as outlined above.

    What does the Leon County School Board require from a guardian to allow a child to attend public school?

    The Leon County school board requires non-parents to present proof of guardianship when registering a child in school. The school will accept a letter from an attorney that a guardianship petition has been filed or a letter from the Department of Children and Families that the state has taken responsibility for the child.