• Welcome to Mr. Corry's 7th grade Comprehensive Science course!  Please see the Assignment Files column on FOCUS (via the Parent Portal) to access all course content.  Digital assignments can be accessed and turned in via our Microsoft Teams homepage, which is found within the Office365 app on your student's ClassLink page.  Email Mr. Corry at corryw@leonschools.net for the most rapid response.  

    Mr. Corry’s 2019-2020 Student Supply List 

    Throughout the year, you will need the following supplies for class: 

    1. Pencils and/or Pens (every day) 
    2. Binder (every day) – can be a shared binder with another class 
    3. Notebook paper (every day) 
    4. Planner (every day)  
    5. Headphones/earbuds (highly recommended) 
    6. Colored Pencils* 
    7. Highlighter(s)*
    8. Metric ruler* 
    9. Calculator* 

     *Supplies not in bold are recommended but not required.