• Sixth Grade Magnet Science

    Week of May 26th through May 29, 2020


    Please complete all assigned work to the best of your ability and submit to me by May 29, 2020.


    Students I am so sad that we do not get to celebrate your last day of sixth grade together. Please know I am so proud of you all for how well you have done this first year of middle school and I look forward to seeing you all next year at Cobb as Seventh Grade Magnet students! 

     Mrs. Propp


    Sixth Grade Magnet Science

    Week of May 18th through May 22, 2020

    This week we will continue our understanding & predicting inherited traits by using Punnett Squares.


    Video to watch: 

    https://youtu.be/prkHKjfUmMs - video explaining how to set up and use a Punnett Square


    Assignments for the week: 

    Practice Using A Punnett Square  -worksheet with terms review & practice Punnetts (pdf)

    Punnett square practice #1- same as above but in (word format)

    Punnett Square Practice WS - more practice (pdf)

    Punnett Square Practice #2- same as above but in (word format)





    Password for test download in TEAMs: propp 


    Sixth Grade Magnet Science

    Week of May 11th through May 15, 2020


    Students please make sure you are submitting your work to me either through TEAMs, REMIND, or email


    This week we will begin our study of DNA and Inherited Traits. We will begin with understanding how traits are inherited and learn about Gregor Mendel the Father of Genetics--->the D in Dograce!


    Assignments for this week are listed below:

    Mitosis, Meiosis & Asexual Reproduction Test  pdf format

    Mitosis, Meiosis & Asexual Reproduction Test  word format

    Questions on Mendel word format

    Reading on Mendel word format

    Reading on Mendel- pdf form

    Practice Punnett Squares with pea plant traits- word format


    Videos to watch:

    https://youtu.be/Mehz7tCxjSE- Great video explaining Mendel's experiments

    https://youtu.be/i-0rSv6oxSY- AMOEBA SISTERS VIDEO: Mendel's Genetics 

    https://youtu.be/8m6hHRlKwxY- AMOEBA SISTERS VIDEO: Introduction to DNA, genes, and heredity  


    Sixth Grade Magnet Science 

    Week of May 4th through May 8, 2020


    Students please make sure you are submitting your work to me and checking your grades as I am trying to enter grades daily.


    This week we need to finish all our work for Mitosis and Meiosis. Then we will do a quick study of ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION. Students will compare asexual to sexual reproduction and understand the benefits and limitations associated with these types of Reproduction. I will be posting Wednesday an open notes quiz on Mitosis, Meiosis & Asexual Reproduction that you have one week to complete. Then we will start our studying of the structure of DNA and how traits are passed on from parent to offspring. This is the D in DOGRACE-> REMEMBER all living things have DNA (genetic info) that makes them unique individuals within thier species!

    Book Reading and Questions on Asexual Reproduction: Students read and answer the questions on each page throughout the reading. Then complete the unit review qtns at the end of the reading assignment.

    Asexual Reproduction Book Content in PDF

    Asexual Reproduction Book Content in WORD



    Sixth Grade Magnet Science 

    Week of April 27th through May 1, 2020


    Students please make sure you are submitting your work to me! The best way is either via e-mail or remind app or TEAMS.


    This week we are studying Meoisis which is how complex organism that must reproduce Sexually make the sex cells either egg or sperm. Without reproduction all species go extinct! Also... make sure you take the Mitosis Quiz shown below and submit back by this Friday, May 1, 2020


    This unit is covering the R in DOGRACE which is reproducing to carry on the species! 

    Students answer all questions throughout the reading in the book and all review questions!

    There is also an AMAZING Amoeba Sisters Video on Meoisis

    Amoeba Sisters Video

    Copies of book pages for Meoisis

    Open notes Mitosis Quiz

    Meoisis Review Read & Answer 

    Comparing Mitosis & Meiosis WS

    How do Animals Reproduce WS 


    Sixth Grade Magnet Science 

    Week of April 20 -April 24, 2020


    Please work on your disease brochures and submit to me as you complete them. 

    (I may send you feedback before I actually assess if I see you have empty spaces or your info in incomplete)



    This is the Growth and Development part of DOGRACE this explains how living things make more body cells for growth and repair (not reproductive cells)


    Amoeba Sisters Video on Mitosis

    Cell Reproduction work 



    Amoeba Sisters Video on Cell Cycle and Cancer Cells

    Cell Reproduction Reading Content


     Reproduction work as WORD document 

    I have altered the PDF version of this week's work to a WORD document for students to open and put answers on it then submit back to me through TEAMS or e-mail!


    FOR THE WEEK OF APRIL 13 through APRIL 17, 2020:

    Please start sending me your completed work via- TEAMS, e-mail or using the Remind App. You can also scan and fax work to the school!

    Magnet Sixth Grade Work: Disease Brochure- all details, requirements and examples are located in TEAMS (assignments) or under Important Documents Tab HERE under "Meet the Teacher"


    If you need me use remind, e-mail or teams!

    Remind Codes: 

    SIXTH GRADE MAGNET:     1st period- @6accd767ba     3rd period-@89c9ca8d3e     5th period- @d8d9a3e8kd

    SEVENTH GRADE ADVANCED:      2nd period- @bbgc86gh27     6th period- @63fdka4gee

    OFFICE HOURS: M-F 10:00 to 3:00 p.m.



    All Student Work and Assignments are listed in the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS section 

    ACCESS to IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS is an option after clicking on the "Meet the Teacher" tab




    I have put on this website in the important documents section the information about your disease brochure project

    PLEASE LOOK at this NEXT WEEK in this order:

    1. Disease Brochure Project Explanation & Overview

    2. Disease Research Visual Organizer & Rubric

    3. Disease Brochure Examples

  • All assignments for my science classes will be posted on this website during this time of distance learning. 

    My office hours will be daily from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. I will be setting up lecture times for students to view class lecture within the next two weeks per grade level and content.

    PLEASE complete the county work packets available to you and submit back to me via e-mail or through the remind app. 

    If you have any urgent questions please send through the remind app.

    Relevant questions I will address as soon as possible via e-mail.


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  • I will be using the website available to all students and parents available through ClassLinks. Also... please make sure you join your student's Class Remind. It is a great APP that lets me notify you and your student about upcoming assignments and events through text messaging! Looking forward to a wonderful year of learning science with you!

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  •  All Weekly Agenda post with daily assignments, upcoming due dates, major assessment dates and major project information will be available through Classlinks in your student's Focus.

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Past Due Assignments

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  • Seventh Grade Advanced

    Week of May 26th through May 29, 2020


    Please submit to me any completed assignments from #1 through assignment #15 by Friday.


    Seventh Grade Advanced Students...you did it! We have reached the end of seventh grade together and I am so proud of all of you! I can not wait to see you next year as eighth grade Cobb Cubs! I hope you all have a fun and safe summer break! It has been my pleasure to teach you this year! 


    Mrs. Propp



    Seventh Grade Advanced

    Week of May 18th through May 22, 2020

    This week we will continue our study of inherited traits and understanding the probabilties of traits getting passed on from parent to offspring. 


    Video to watch: 

    https://youtu.be/prkHKjfUmMs  -This video explains how to set up & use a Punnett Square


    Assignments for the week:

    #14- Practice using Punnett Squares  (pdf)- punnett square practice #1 in share

    #15- Punnett Square Review & Practice  (pdf)- punnett square practice #2

    #14- Punnett square practice #1  (word format)

    #15- Punnett Square Practice #2  (word format)



    Seventh Grade Advanced

    Week of May 11th through May 15, 2020


    Students please make sure you are submitting your work to me either through TEAMs, REMIND app or Email


    This week we will begin or study of genetics and heredity. 


    Assignments for this week:

    #12- Questions on Mendel and traits  word format

    Content on Mendel and his pea plants word format

    #13 - Practice with Mendel's pea plant traits and Punnett Squares word format


    Videos to watch: 

    https://youtu.be/i-0rSv6oxSY  AMOEBA SISTERS: Mendel's Genetics and Punnett Squares for one trait (monohybrid)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mehz7tCxjSE  GREAT REVIEW VIDEO on Mendel's Experiments



    Seventh Grade Advanced 

    Week of May 4th through May 8, 2020


    Students please make sure you are submitting all of your completed work to me so I may give you credit! You have this week to get caught up so please do your best!


    This week we will finish up our Evolution as a Mechanism of Natural Selection Unit. Please make sure you have finished all assignments #1-10 before you take your test.                        

    Some variations amongst individuals in a population are advantageous while others may not be ---> these allow some individuals of a species to better survive to then reproduce while others do not = Survival of the Fittest!

    Special picture to help you during test!

     Natural Selection colored flow chart of info

    #11 Assignment: Darwin & Natural Selection Test!

     Darwin and Natural Selection Test (word)

    Darwin and Natural Selection Test (Pdf)


    Seventh Grade Advanced

    Week of April 27th through May 1, 2020


    Students please make sure you are submittng your completed work back to me via e-mail or Remind App or TEAMS (share drive)


    This week we will continue learning more about Evolution and how Natural Selection is a mechanism of change over time in a population to survive. Remember it is always about survival of the species or the species goes extinct. 


    Recommended Vidoes to assist you in your learning: 

    Amoeba Sisters: Natural Selection


    What is Natural Selection?



    Below is your work for the week, please do in order:

    Assignment #7-    Review of Natural Selection- key terms

    Assignment #8-    Natural Selection Real Life Scenario

    Assignment #9-    Peppered Moth Activity

    Assignment #10-  Anatomy & structures of animals are related  (pdf)  

     Anatomy & Structures of Animals are related (word)

    For Assignment #9: IMPORTANT 

    This is an interactive website to visit to help you complete the Peppered Moth Activity. It has a game at the end! Worth checking out!





    Seventh Grade Advanced 

    Week of April 20 - April 24, 2020


    THIS WEEK:  Finish GTS Unit 

    Assignment #4- Quick Review on GTS

    Assignment #5- Geological Time Scale Test

    Quick Review WS on GTS

    Geologic Timescale Test



    THIS WEEK WE ARE ALSO STARTING NEW UNIT: Darwin & Theory of Evolution

    You will need to read the content about Darwin's Voyage around the world and answer the questions about what he observed and deduced about how and why living things adapt to changes to survive...or they may go extinct


    Darwin's Voyage & Natural Selection Reading Content

    Assignment #6 - Darwin's Voyage Questions from Reading

                                Darwin's Voyage Questions in WORD document

    I have also included the same questions in a word document but have been unable to allow editing. But if you prefer WORD it is available



    Make sure you have submitted to me last week's work 

    Assignment #1

    Assignment #2

    Assignment #3