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  • Weeks 3 (April 13-17) and 4 (April 20-24): 

    Work to Complete: 

    1. See the document for Weeks 3 and 4 above.
    2. For EACH week you will need to choose 3 of the 5 assignments to complete. 
    3. Assignments should be submitted through Teams. If you don't know how to access Teams there are helpful links above.


    Week 2: April 6th - 10th


    Work to Complete:


    1. Access Teams and reply to my message. For help with this use the links above
    2. For Biology Complete ONLY pages 5, 10, and 17 of the Week 2 District Packet. For Life Science Complete ONLY pages 8,9,10 of the Week 2 District Packet. Download from the link above or pick up a copy of the packet at Cobb or any free lunch location.
    3. Create a Science Notebook where you can record data, complete assignments, save work, and keep study materials and resources. Having everything in one place will help keep you organized and minimize the time it takes to complete assignments and study for assessments.
    4. Compete in the Nature of Science Olympic Games - 2 Activities of your choice. Click here for the assignment.
    5. Complete Week 1 Assignments below, if you have not already.


    Pacing Guide:


    • Monday - Access Teams and Say Hello
    • Tuesday - Week 2 District Packet Pages 5,10, and 17 only
    • Wednesday - Create a Science Notebook
    • Thursday - Nature of Science Olympic Games Activity 1
    • Friday - Nature of Science Olympic Games Activity 2

    Week 1: March 30th - April 3rd


    Work to Complete:


    1. Sign up for Remind
    2. Contact me using Teams, Remind, or Email
    3. Week 1 District Packet. Download from the link above or pick up a copy of the packet at Cobb or any free lunch location.


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  • A $5 lab fee will be collected for both the HS Biology course and the Magnet Life Science course. Letters explaining lab fees collected will go home next week, but if you would like to begin sending in a payment, please feel free. 

    FOR MAGNET LIFE SCIENCE STUDENTS: a $5 lab fee will also be collected in Ms. Acree's class as well. The lab fee for my class and her class needs to be submitted separately because the funds will be deposited into separate accounts. This is especially important if you are writing a check. If $10 cash is submitted Ms. Acree and myself, we can organize to ensure funds are equally distributed between us, but it would be easiest and best if you could send two separate payments. Thank you for your understanding on this. We are looking forward to some fun science activities in both classes this year. Your donation greatly helps to support our activities. Thank you!



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