Seuss kids

    Welcome to Mrs. Hyre's Second Grade class webpage!
         Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! I am excited to be working with each of you this year. On this site you will find a class calendar that will include field trip dates, assignment dates, and other important dates throughout the year. I have also included many useful links to other websites that your student can use at home to complete assignments or for extra practice. Please take a look around and explore.
     Second Grade Grading
    Assessments - 60%
    Projects/Quizzes - 20%
    Classwork - 15%
    *Homework - 5%
         Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts is a proud A.V.I.D. school! AVID, or Advancement Via Determination, is a philosophy that holds students accountable to the highest standards. Students should reflect this in second grade by keeping a neat and tidy classroom binder, with old papers being removed and new papers stored in their correct folders (red: homework, green: important papers for home/school). Students are also expected to clean out their backpacks each night, and keep neat and orderly desks. Please encourage these behaviors in your student, as a clutter-free environment helps to promote good study habits.
    Thanks for visiting, and here's to a Seuss-per school year!
    Mrs. Hyre