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    Preparing students with technology skills to be college and career ready! 
    Program Coordinator:   Susie Sanders
    Griffin Middle School's Information Technology (IT) Academy is a college- and career-ready education program designed to provide students with the 21st century technology skills necessary to acquire certification and be competitive in today's rapidly evolving workplace. Through industry certifications, project based learning, and rigorous academic studies, this Academy prepares Griffin students for college or a future in the technology industry. Studnents enrolled in the IT Academy can earn high school credits and industry-standard certifications in Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe.
  • Griffin IT Academy Technology Courses Offered



    Course Description

    Art 2D

    7th / 8th

    2D Design explores the basic design principles and sources of design inspiration fundamental to all visual arts through readings, discussion, exercises and laboratory application.

    Digital Design I


    This introductory course covers the processes and tools involved in digital publishing for print and the Web. Students will learn to draw, scan and manipulate images as design elements, using Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, to ultimately produce digital files for a print piece and a basic companion webpage.

    Information and Communication Technology I

    6th / 7th

    The purpose of this course is to provide students with the computer, digital, and information technology skills necessary for success in their future academic and occupational goals. In addition to fundamental computer information, the content includes but is not limited to digital technologies associated with web development, multimedia, word processing, spreadsheet, database, Internet communications, and cybersecurity.

    Introduction to Information Technology

    7th / 8th

    This course introduces students to information and communication technology in a business environment and builds a foundation of digital literacy skills necessary for success in a technologically driven society. Students have the opportunity to receive Microsoft Office Certifications.


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