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     computer screen  Digital Academy Courses 
    Leon County Digital Academy has developed six courses locally that all public school students can sign up for.  
    • HOPE
    • Earth/Space Science
    • Meteorology Honors (NEW)  Click link for Course Info
    • Math for College Readiness
    • Liberal Arts Math
    • Economics
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    Leon County Virtual School Franchise High School Courses   
    Leon County Virtual School is a franchise of Florida Virtual School and many of our courses are offered through our franchise agreement.  To ensure local teachers, local support staff, and to keep your educational funding in Leon County please select LEON COUNTY VIRTUAL SCHOOL FRANCHISE when selecting your preferred start date.  
    Algebra 1 
    Algebra 2 


    Anatomy and Physiology 
    Biology 1 
    Chemistry 1 
    Forensic Science
    Marine Science 
    Physical Science 
    Physics 1 
     Social Science
    United States Government 
    United States History 
    World History 

    Language Arts

    English 1 
    English 2 
    English 3 
    English 4 
    Creative Photography 1
    Digital Information Technology 
     Driver Education
    Law Studies
    Leadership Skills 
    Parenting Skills
    Peer Counseling 1
    Peer Counseling 2
    Psychology 1 
    Social Media 1 
    User Interface Design
    Web Design 
    World Languages
    Spanish 1
    Spanish 2
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