Part Time Students

    Students are enrolled in their course every week.  Please do not sign up unless you are ready to begin the course. 

    Once enrolled in the class you will receive a confirmation e-mail that looks like the one to the right.  
    If you have NOT received your confirmation letter, you are still in the process of being enrolled.
    Please wait 4 hours after receiving the letter before attempting to log-in to ClassLink. 

    Summer school will be offered from June 11 - August 3.  

    If you need assistance with your course enrollment or coursework -
    please e-mail lcvs@leonschools.net or call 561-8366 or your course instructor on your confirmation email - Sample E-mail w/ Instructions

    If you need assistance resetting your school network password or help getting logged into Classlink, please contact your traditional school first.  
    If they are unavailable due to summer break, then e-mail helpdesk@leonschools.net or call 487-7524.

    If you have forgotten, or need your Educator Password Reset, you must contact FLVS directly 
    FLVS  Ph# 1-800-374-1430 Technical Support Option #2 
    Leon County Schools has no ability to reset your Educator password.

    Self-Help can be found here: www.leonschools.net/classlink

    If for some reason ClassLink is down and you need to access Canvas manually bypassing Classlink, use the following URL: https://leonschools.instructure.com/login 
    When you bypass ClassLink, you will be required to log in manually using your district network credentials. anually.

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    Leon County Digital Academy

    HOPE (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) Course

    Enrollment:  Click below to register for the district developed HOPE course.
    Please allow up to 1 week to receive your enrollment confirmation e-mail.


    Middle School Curriculum
    Leon County Virtual School is a franchise of Florida Virtual School and many of our courses are offered through our franchise agreement.  To ensure local teachers, local support staff, and to keep your educational funding in Leon County please select LEON COUNTY VIRTUAL SCHOOL FRANCHISE when selecting your preferred start date.  


    Language Arts
    M/J  Language Arts 1
    M/J Language Arts 2
    M/J Language Arts 3
    M/J Grade 6 Mathematics
    M/J Grade 7 Mathematics 
    M/J Grade 8 Pre-Algebra
    M/J Comprehensive Science 1
    M/J Comprehensive Science 2
    M/J Comprehensive Science 3 
     Social Science
    M/J World History ( 6th)
    M/J Civics (7th)
    M/J US History (8th) 
    M/J Creative Photography 
    M/J Peer Counseling


    Part-Time Enrollment for LCVS Franchise Courses:  Need help with registration? Click Here for registration directions.  
     Register Here