• Instructions for accesssing Office 365 

    includes Email (Outlook), OneDrive, and Teams


    1) Log into ClassLink

    your login is your student ID number + @edu.leonschools.net ... so 123456789@edu.leonschools.net ... you would replace the 123456789 with your student ID

    your password is the password you use to get into computers at school ... 

    If you have issues getting in contact Michael Wohlgemuth wohlgemuthm1@leonschools.net 


    2) Look for the orange Office 365 tile ... looks like this ... Office 365  ... click to open it up ... if it asks for your password again, put in the same thing you used for ClassLink ...


    3) Once in you will see the Office apps ... Outlook is your email ... OneDrive is a storage place ... Teams is used for teaching and class meetings

    Office 365 Apps

    There are also other office apps ... and a button to install office if you want to on your home machine ...

    Most of the apps are self explanatory ... however here are some tips ...

    Outlook ... to email a teacher, click the new message and then start typing their last name in the To: box ... you should see them pop up in the list that starts showing up ... you can find your classmates this way too.

    OneDrive ... you have 1 Terabyte of storage ... that is a lot !!! ... you can make folders, upload items, share them with teachers and other students ..

    Teams ... some teachers will be using this to teach and hold class meetings ... you should automatically be enrolled in your classes ... If you do not see your class, email your teacher and they will get in touch with the technology coordinator