• Microsoft Office is now available free to all students and staff!  Follow the instructions below to install a full copy on up to 5 devices.  Free mobile apps are also available. 

    WARNING: This free installation will work until shortly after you graduate or withdraw from Leon County Schools.  Any older version of Office already installed on your personal computer will be replaced.  Make sure you have the installation disc and/or key to re-install your old version of Office or you will have to pay to re-install the software.
    Instructions for Office installation:
    1. Visit the following link: http://portal.office365.com
    2. Type your student ID number + @edu.leonschools.net in the email box: (i.e. studentid@edu.leonschools.net - Please note: if your student ID is 123456789 then your login name will be 123456789@edu.leonschools.net)
    3. If typed correctly, an "authentication required" dialogue will pop up. 
    4. Enter your school login (email) and password again.
    5. Choose Eastern time then click "Save."
    6. On the right side, uncheck both boxes and click the "install now" button.
    7. Follow the installation instructions. Choose to run the program.
    Instructions for OneDrive (cloud storage):
     Download the instructions in PDF format HERE.
    Here is a short video you can watch on how to access your 365 and OneDrive account.