Program Overview

  • MT The Massage Therapy program offers a sequence of courses that provides coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in the Health Science career cluster; provides technical skill proficiency, and includes competency-based applied learning that contributes to the academic knowledge, higher-order rea­soning and problem-solving skills, work attitudes, general employability skills, technical skills, and occupation-specific skills, and knowledge of all aspects of the Health Science career cluster. 

Massage Therapy Mission Statement

  • The Massage Therapy Program is committed to providing our students with a high standard in massage therapy education. This will be accomplished by providing a good foundation in basic massage therapy knowledge, skills, and critical thinking, Through cooperative team efforts, our massage therapy students will be: successful in their licensure requirements; prepared for an entry level massage therapy position; adopt measures that ensure the safe practice of massage therapy; show sensitivity to cultural diversity; promote health habits that contribute to total wellness; and become lifelong learners.