• Mrs. Whiddon's Math Classes (ALL LEVELS)


    • Dedicated one subject notebook or composition book just for math notes only
    • Casio fx-260 SOLAR II Scientific Calculator - 10 Digits (Available at Target/Walmart/Office Depot or online - is around $7)                    NO Graphing calculators allowed  This is the FSA standard calculator

    The following will be used in math and other classes:

    • Binder - may be small or can combine with other subjects OR a trapper keeper style
    • Loose leaf notbook paper
    • Good Pencils and eraser caps (Keep plenty of extras at home to refill pencil pouch as needed)
    • Colored pencils or highlighters for notes
    • Handheld pencil sharpener
    • Pencil pouch (organization is a key to success!)


    My goal is to make students expand their knowledge and add depth in concepts they already know.  
    I believe that students will be better in math if they know the background and reasoning.  In order to grow and be prepared for higher level math courses, students need  to be working during the whole class period and to have great attendance.
    This is my 5th year at MMS, and my 20th year teaching. 
    7th Grade Math is a very challenging course as it is application based and combining mutilple steps and previous years' material plus some new knowledge.    
     Please check Weekly Plan for assignments, due dates, test dates and morning help information.