• Welcome to Pre-Algebra!

    Use the links to the left to see the details of daily classes and ALL homework assignments.  Click blue links to get notes or worksheets.  Save link as a favorite to access the up-to-date weekly agenda.

    Check FOCUS for Grades. 

    Deadlines will be enforced for all assignments.  

    In order to receive FULL CREDIT for homework:

      1.  SHOW YOUR WORK!

      2.  Complete assignments ON TIME; paper sheets are due next class day unless noted on the agenda.

      3.  Absences will give extra time to make work up BEFORE the test without loss of points.

    I do NOT take late daily paper assignments - these will receive a ZERO.

    Late digital assignments will have a reduction in overall grade.

       *Minus 20 points from the score BEFORE the test

       *Minus an additional 20 points from the score AFTER the test (Maximum of 60%)

    Excused absences are permitted extensions of due dates based upon days missed.

    Missing assignments are a Z in FOCUS and can be made up.


    Email me at Whiddonm@leonschools.net  (I will return emails within 2 business days - please email again if you do not hear back! - I have extra classes and go through emails as time permits after school and may miss some.)