• Attention to all students/Parents/Guardians: Updated 3/30

    I hope you are staying safe, healthy and enjoying your family time.  Please make sure to update your FOCUS information and check LCS and MMS site for fully information about the current situation as it pertains to the academic progress.  As I went back to get some supplies so I may work from home for the time being, I couldn't help but smile at the mini-mes on the wall and even smiled briefly at the messy remnants from our geo-creature constructions...  I miss being able to see you, hear your questions and have our time together. Please know that our journey is not over, I will still be here for you as we begin this new experience. 

    Students - Check you student emails! Log into classlink(use chrome), click on Office 365 tile, there you will find teams and outlook(email). Please reply back to teacher emails :) 

    The LCS has created some packets that are review based materials - these are for all classes.  They are available on Montford's home page by selecting the Learn at Home tab Take time to read how to submit the assignments.  You can type in the online PDF and not use any paper(save the trees) or write the answers with necessary work on notebook paper and follow guidelines for sending that paper to me.  The ways they descibe use the least amount of data!   If you have any trouble with them, please email me and I will do my best to get back to you quickly.  The first packets will be available March 30 and cover 2 weeks of material.  Please read and follow instructions provided.  Please submit the whole weeks assignmnets only once - not daily.  :)

    This week I will be rebuilding our class to be suit your needs online and also in a paper copy if you need.  I do not want you to be stressed over this.

    I will be posting office hours where I will be online to answer your questions, tasks and assignmnets, and making videos~~not as great as Math Antics, but I will try!

    Please check back here for updates.  Khan user name is    lastfirst#   (# is your class period)  Password is math2019   No capitals :)

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Whiddon ,