• Welcome to the Strings program of Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School! At ATSMA we are committed to providing a high-quality, comprehensive Strings music education by providing instruments and training to students in grades 1-5. The strings program has gained attention for being one of only a few schools in the entire state that offer violin classes to 1st graders. The strings groups have performed in many special events outside of the school campus such as Disney Springs, The Orlando Double Tree Hotel's Florida Alliance for Arts Education convention and countless other events. They have been featured on WCTV morning news and have performed with The Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra at Ruby Diamond Auditorium. In June of 2017 they will be performing at Daytona Beach, Fl. In addition to starting children at young ages, the school has also purchased high quality instruments to provide to students which is another aspect of our program that makes our school unique.
    Students are well-prepared for middle school orchestra when they graduate our program and we have found that our string students are sent straight to the advanced orchestras when the reach middle school due to the depth of training they receive here at Apalachee.  Although there are many reasons to play a musical instrument, here at Apalachee we are excited about the effect music and instrumental training has on the young mind. We train hard in music because we know it will have an impact on their cognitive abilities and have a positive influence on their other studies.
    We invite you to visit our string classes to witness firsthand the amazing things that our star scholars are accomplishing if you would like to find out more.