Welcome to an exciting new year at Heritage Trails Community School. This year I will be teaching U.S. History, Economics, Civics, and American History classes for high school and middle school. It is my belief that the "True value of a teacher is determined not by what he knows, but by his ability to stimulate in others a desire to know". I believe all students have the ability to shape their own lives and society in positive ways. My goal this year is to continue to have all students recognize their power and use that power to improve themselves  and their communities. It is my intent to use each class to inform students' vision and to increase their ability to make that vision a reality. Should you have comments, concerns or questions, I can be reached at the school by phone or email. I am excited about working with your child and I welcome questions or comments, and am looking forward to an outstanding school year.     wrightk2@leonschool.net.