Program Overview

  • The Automotive Services Technology program trains student with the latest software, simulators, and diagnostic equipment in all phases of automotive services and electronics technologies.  The program combines classroom instruction with hands-on laboratory training in the troubleshooting, service, and repair of automotive systems as well as a platform for continuing education or employment in a rewarding, high-wage career. Comprehensive skills enhancement training in the following automotive service areas: engine repair, automatic transmission/transaxles, braking systems, engine performance, manual drivetrains/transaxles, suspensions/steering systems, heating and A/C systems and electrical/electronic systems.

Automotive Service Technology Mission Statement

  • The mission of Lively’s Automotive Service Technology Program is to teach the student the theory and hands-on application of the vehicle repair industry.  This will be accomplished through intense classroom instruction; individual study and practical advanced troubleshooting technology.

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