Distance Learning Information

  • Hey, everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. I'm so bummed that we only got to be together for one quarter! I know distance learning can be a little intimidating--it was for me too. Together, though, we can do this!


  • All assignments are due by Wednesday, May 27. Please find these in the "Previous Weeks Packets" tabs.

    This week, there are not packets. I will posting writing prompts on Teams for you to respond to though.

Assignments and Submission Expectations

  • You can submit your answers in the following ways:

    1. Scan in your written answers and email them to me (mazycki@leonschools.net); use an actual scanner or take a picture of your work with your phone and send me the picture via email. 

    2. Type out your answers and email them to me (Ex: Day 1: #1 Answer, #2 Answer; Day 2: #1 Answer, etc)

    3. Turn in a physical copy to Swift Creek.

    Please turn in your work either every Friday, or at the end of each two week packet. Weeks 7 & 8 are due May 22.

    The only required work is the packets. The questions posted on Teams are a fun way to communicate with each other. My blog posts on gratefulness is a way to journal and practice gratitude. The book readings on my website are there if you want to listen to a good book.


  • Preferred communication: Remind

    I will also be available via email and Teams. I will just see a Remind question quicker than the others.

Office Hours

  • Questions can be asked through Remind or e-mail at any time between 9 AM and 4 PM. I am also available to speak with you via Teams meeting or a phone call. Just reach out to me to set one up. You can e-mail me after those hours, but you may not get a response until the following morning. However, I have a 7 month old, so you may get one even sooner!

Need Additional Support?

Information from Mrs. Rishell

  • Parents,  I (Ms. Rishell) send out regular SCMS updates via SCMS ListServ.  This is our number one school-to-home communication tool.  This is separate from Focus/Parent Portal.  If you are not receiving our SCMS ListServ please go onto the SCMS website www.leonschools.net/swiftcreek and sign up.  You will find the SCMS ListServ link on the right hand side of our webpage under OTHER LINKS.  Once you are on that link you will find all the ListServ communications that have been sent and on the right hand side of the page you will see the icon/link for Subscribe or Unsubscribe.  Thank you!