• Welcome to first grade! 

    I hope you enjoy my web page.  We are going to have a marvelous year together!

         Here are five fabulous, favorite links that you'll find along with MANY others on the Student Resources page. Usernames and passwords for each of these will be emailed and a hard copy will be sent home for your reference:

    1. Wonders: This is our Language Arts on-line component.  Your child's username is LCSB_followed by their lunch number.  The password for everyone is: lcs12345.
    2. Think Central:  This is our Go Math! curriculum on-line component.  Your child's username and password is lcs followed by their lunch number without spaces.
    3. Spelling City:  This enables your child to practice their spelling words through games, just input the spelling list.
    4. Xtra Math:  Your child is able to practice fact fluency with this individualized tracking system.  Students enjoy racing the teacher on this site!
    5.LexiaCORE5:  This is a FAVORITE year to year and is very helpful in assisting reading progress at any level as it is individualized reading practice.  Your child's username and password is their lunch number.  However, this will only be available until October due to funding. An app is also available. For the first time only, you must go through these simple steps: 

    Lexia Reading Core5 is available on:

       Here is a link you may wish to have on your desktop for A.R. BookFinder,
    so you can check to see the availability and level/point information for all A.R. quizzes: www.arbookfind.com.  You also can see which books have comprehension test questions that will be read aloud since a microphone will appear next to the title. Also, to check on your child's progress in A.R. visit: https://hosted337.renlearn.com/60132/HomeConnect.
       Under the Important Documents page you will find: monthly calendars/newsletters
    and Common Core Standards.
       Thank you for your support.  It is much