• Welcome Back to a Great 2017-18 Pre-K School Year!


    Dear parents, guardians, and concerned relatives:

    Welcome back to all of our Apalachee families!  We are expecting a fabulous year ahead.  For those of you who attended Orientation and/or Open House, I thank you for your participation!  Anytime I get to talk with people in person, it makes me happy!  Our school year is off to a good start with almost a full class of 18 already!  The kids have adapted well, and we are working hard to follow our curriculum units in reading and math!  Please remember to check backpacks nightly for new information being sent home, some of which may need to be returned quickly.  Our spring play this year is "Beauty and the Beast", so you will see things all over the school that expresses ideas and thoughts related to this play, and the themes of magic, kindness, change, acceptance, and a love for reading demonstrated by Belle in the movie.  We will be discussing Fairy Tales all year long, since "Beauty and the Beast" falls under this genre of reading materials.  Our first book/Disney Movie to be discussed in September will be Cinderella, since it coincides with our Imagine It! Reading Unit 1:  All About Me!  We will also be learning about the various elements of a Fairy Tale all year long so that we can recognize them in each movie/story that we explore each month.  More info to come home about this later.

    As a teacher, my background is in regular elementary education, special education, and early childhood education.  We, here at Apalachee, must be "Highly Qualified" teachers to work in a Title 1 School.  I also have endorsements in Kindergarten and Reading Coach status.  I will always do my best to help your child learn at his/her level, encourage participation on an equal basis, treat your child as if he/she were mine, and model respect and caring for all of my young students.  Pre-K is meant to be an early intervention program, so that students are properly prepared for entrance into Kindergarten, not only academically but socially.  Both areas are important parts of a child's normal and healthy development, and so we will concentrate on all the elements that encorporate these into daily learning in the classroom.  We believe in high expectations all around, and remind students of this when learning about our weekly Life-Skills and Classroom Rules.  I am here to teach, listen to and learn about my individual children and their families.  Please know that anything you might share about your family will stay with me and will be kept with confidentiality.  My goal is to have a friendly and open relationship with all family members that assist in the raising of my students.  Feel free to contact me by phone, email, or a quick note sent in the backpack folder.  I look forward to a collaborative and fun-filled year in Pre-K with your child!

    I look forward to working with and getting to know each and everyone of you!


    Ms. Lisa W. Coonan

    Pre-K Teacher

    Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts (ATMSA)