• Back to School

    Dear Fifth Graders and Parents,
    Welcome to fifth grade!  I am so happy you are in my class this year at Pineview Elementary School!  I can’t wait to meet you!  

    I hope you are excited to begin fifth grade because this will be a fun, fabulous and fascinating year of learning!  Throughout the year, we will strengthen and expand our skills as readers, writers and mathematical problem-solvers as we tackle new concepts and challenges in all academic areas.  We will read, discuss and write about intriguing new topics to refine and improve our literacy skills.  In social studies, we will explore the history of Florida, learn more about our government and study the regions of the United States.  In science, we will become experts in exploring the world around us and its many wonders.

    Please remember to bring your enthusiasm for learning, a positive attitude, sense of humor, caring heart and willingness to work hard.   With these qualities in place, we can accomplish fantastic feats in fifth grade! I can’t wait to get started!
    Your excited fourth grade teacher,
    Mrs. Miles