• Parents/Guardians

    We welcome you to Lincoln High School.  Like our country, Lincoln has experienced lots of changes in the past few months.  We are doing our best during this time to make registering your student and selecting courses as seamless as possible. We are enrolling students virtually at this time, but by working together, we will make sure your student will have seamless transition to Lincoln High School.

    Before registering, please review the information below carefully.

    To register a student in Leon County Schools, you MUST be the parent or legal guardian of the student. If you are not the parent or legal guardian, we cannot complete the registration. 

    To register at student at Lincoln for Lincoln, you MUST live in the Lincoln School Zone. If you do not live in the Lincoln zone you must be approved through Leon County School Choice. The School Choice office can be reached via their website at leonschoolchoice.com.  If you are unsure if you are in the Lincoln Zone, please check the Leon County Schools website here.

    Who Needs to Enroll?

    • Private School Students
    • Out-of-State or Out-of-County students
    • Home School students re-entering public school (you must first withdraw from Home School)
    • Re-assigned students (you must first accept your reassignment on your parent portal by June 1st, AND enroll with Lincoln IF you are not currently enrolled in a Leon County public or charter school)

    Please note: You DO NOT need to register if you meet one of the following registration expections:

    • If your student is currently enrolled in the 9th - 11th grade at another Leon County High School, and you have moved into the Lincoln Zone, you will need to update your residency with your student's current school.  At the end of July, you will automatically be enrolled at Lincoln for the 2020-2021. 
    • If your student is currently in the 8th grade at a Leon County Middle or Charter School.  Leon County School's Policy 5120 states you must provide proof of residency to your student's middle school before promotion to the 9th grade.  Once you have provided this documentation to the Middle or Charter School, your student will automatically be enrolled at the school they are zoned for based on residency for the 2020-2021 school year.  The only exception to this will be if you have applied for and been approved for school choice in which case you will be enrolled at the school you were approved for.  

    If you have questions you can contact the Lincoln Registrar at seitelc@leonschools.net.

    How to Enroll

    Step 1:

    Please pre-enroll at the link below (if you applied for school choice, you may skip step 1). If you do not have access to a computer, please email Cindy Seitel at seitelc@leonschools.net to make different arrangements.

    Review the isntructions and complete the online enrollment application by clicking here.

    Step 2:

    Scan the following documents as individual PDFs and email them to the registrar at seitelc@leonschools.net. Be sure to include your name, student's name, and best phone number to reach you if we have questions. 

    Please DO NOT send pictures or JPEG images, as they cannot be read adequately. This will slow down the process of getting your student enrolled.  

    Click here to obtain information on how to upload documents to your phone if you cannot scan.

    Your student's registration WILL NOT be completed until ALL documents are received.

    1. Parent/Guardian's Driver's License or State Issued Photo ID (used to verify identity of individual registering student). - Only a Parent or Legal Guardian can register a student.
    2. Guardianship paperwork - only required if you are not the parent as recorded on the student's official birth certificate.
    3. Student's Official Birth Certificate
    4. Two Proofs of Residency - LCS requires TWO pieces of documentation for the parent/guardian to verify residency.  The first of these MUST be the current lease, mortgage, property tax record, or deed. The second can be a utility, home phone, or cable/internet bill.
    5. Immunization Record - Must be the State of Florida Shot Record on form HRS 680. This record can be obtained from the Health Department or Physician's Office.
    6. Health Certificate -  School physical dated within one year of enrollment in Leon County Schools.
    7. Most Recent Report Card and Transcript which includes any standardized testing information.
    8. Completed Records Request Form, Click Here.


    Step 3:

    Once ALL documents have been received and accepted, you will receive an email regarding next steps for course selection.

    Registration Documents

    Online Pre-Registration Website

    Registration Documentation Checklist

    Records Request Form

    Residency Affidavit