Last Update: February 26, 2018
    Upcoming Events:
    February 27: iLead Conferences

    February 28: In-Class Civil War Project due 

    March 6: FSA Writing

    March 8: Field Day

    March 8: AR Water Fight

    March 9: Animal Kingdom Field Trip




    What we're learning in class:

    Math: We have finished Chapter 8 and are officially done with our unit on Fractions. Next up: Measurement and Geometry. We will begin Chapter 9: Algebra - Patterns and Graphing on Tuesday.

    Science: We've tested on Forces and Motion, and we have begun to learn about the human body. Last week, we focused on organs, organ systems, and the nervous system. This week we will learn about the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and respiratory systems.

    Language Arts: We are focusing on opinion and informative writing as well as revising and strengthening our writing.

    Social Studies: Students will begin an in-class Civil War project. This will be completed in our centers rotation.





Last Modified on February 26, 2018