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    I earned an Associate of Arts degree from the University of South Florida in 1977, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Oral Roberts University in 1980. After spending 2 years in Osaka Japan teaching conversational English, I returned to Florida to become a mathematics teacher. August 1984 was crazy!  I graduated from Florida State University with another Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education on the 10th, married Eileen (my wife now of nearly 33 years) on the 11th, was hired on the 16th and, with just one day of pre-planning, started teaching at Wakulla High School on the 20th! The next three years I chose to teach at Lincoln High School, which was closer to my home in Chaires. The following 15 years were spent with the: Department of Banking and Finance (2 years), the Board of County Commissioners (9 years), and the Clerk of the Courts (4 years). I returned to teaching in 2003, joining the staff at Chiles High School. During Christmas vacation that year, I moved my family of 9 across town to my current home.  All but the oldest attended Chiles, and I had the privilege of having two for students.  I also have 3 beautiful grandchildren - all girls, the last born just a few months ago in January '17 - and one due next March!  My Chiles students have learned Algebra I, Liberal Arts, Geometry (both General and Honors/Gifted), and/or Algebra II. Some have also served in a club (Cake, Chess, and/or Investment) that I sponsored, or played volleyball on a team that I helped coach.

    My teaching philosophy can be summarized as follows: Anything worth doing is worth doing well. It is impossible not to recognize and reward those with a strong desire to know, to understand, to analyze, to conceptualize, to master. Curiosity and effort are an unbeatable combination.  I believe nearly every weakness and obstacle, like poor math background, lack of confidence, conflict in learning/teaching styles, and learning disabilities can be overcome with persistence and hard work.  I will do my very best to inspire, to guide, to lead, to instruct, and to challenge. I will also do everything I can to help you succeed ... will you?  Even if that means coming by for a few minutes before school, at lunch, and/or after school to get some questions answered? Correcting missed homework problems as you go along?  Making flash cards AND reviewing them. We are on a nine-month journey - let's work together and make every day count!