• Daily Process for Language Arts Class

    1. CommonLit Packet-these can be found in TEAMS under the Files tab or on my Montford Middle School website.
    2. Check the chat on TEAMS
    3. Check the calendar on TEAMS. Accept any online chats you have.
    4. Check school email
    5. Email me or send a message in TEAMS if you have any questions or problems. You can also call or text (850)524-7690 between 11:00-1:00 Monday through Friday.
    6. Read a book! You can choose to read Where the Red Fern Grows.  The audio and the online digital book are linked on my Montford website and in TEAMS under Files.  There will also be fun activities for this book in the folder in Files.

    Weekly Process for Language Arts Class

    1. Finish the current weeks work and submit to me for grading. The best way is to email it to me.  Using a scanning app on a smart phone, take pictures of all the days.  Once you have finished with the whole packet, then click done.  It will turn it into one PDF file.  You can email through the scanning app.  My email is fowlers@leonschools.net
    2. Weekly TEAMS chats on Mondays.
      1. 3rd period-10:00
      2. 4th period-10:20
      3. 6th period-10:40