Welcome to Language Arts

          Students should bring their Agenda Book/Planner to 
    class each day to record the daily assignments and important
    due dates or test dates.
         Students are expected to copy the daily Bell Work at
    the beginning of class each day, which introduces the lesson.

Literature, Writing, Grammar, Speaking, Spelling, Vocabulary

  • Topics in Language Arts

  •  All students did an awesome job on their Tropicana Speeches!

         Tropicana Speeches are Tuesday, December 10th, Media Center 9:30 am

              (First place winners bring note cards to give speech.)

         Spelling Bee contest is Thursday Dec. 12th, Media Center 9:30 am

              Good Luck!

    Period 1
    1-Madeline Langford
    2-Jordan Herron
    3-Ella Tobe
    Period 2
    1-Hannah Meckes
    2-Betsy Conrad
    3-Jacob Cherry
       Shayna Frank
    Period 4
    1-Addison Hood
    2-Ryan Longfellow
    3-Liliana Rawls
       Alissa Borreggine
    Period 5
    1-Mackenzie Githens
    2-Wilson Destafney
    3-Jackson Beener
       Corbin Mason
    Period 6
    1-Laila Alexander
    2-Madison Joyner
    3-Evie Andre
       Anthony Clayton
    Spelling Bee Winners and Runner-ups 2019 

    Period 1

    Winner: Ella Kone

    2) Teague Fowler

    Period 2

    Winner: Nicholas Henderson

    2) Cole Lawson

    Period 4

    Winner: Antonia Mariona Gonzalez

    2) Lincoln Tyus

    Period 5

    Winner: Jackson Beener

    2) Grace Maloy

    Period 6

    Winner: Jerry Chen

    2) Ashton Laszko