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          Students should bring their Agenda Book/Planner to 
    class each day to record the daily assignments and important
    due dates or test dates.
         Students are expected to copy the daily Bell Work at
    the beginning of class each day, which introduces the lesson.

Literature, Writing, Grammar, Speaking, Spelling, Vocabulary

  • Tuesday, March 31, 2020      Good Morning Language Arts Students,

    I hope you all are safe and comfortable! Since we are unable to meet at school, your teachers will all be contacting you about your class work in their classes. For Language Arts, students are to work on the On-line Reading Packet and submit to me by email, if possible. The first packet is due on Friday April 3. The second packet is due the end of next week, April 9.  Please email me back this week, to let me know the following:

    1. Can you receive my school emails from tuckerl@leonschools.net?
    2. Please send me your email address if this email address is not current.
    3. Did you receive the Reading Packets 1 & 2? I will attach both just in case.
    4. Do you have access to a computer or iPad to go to Montford website, Classlink, Common Lit., and our HRW Literature textbook?
    5. Can you access my Teacher website through the Montford website?

    The plan for Language Arts is to work on the Reading Packets the first 2 weeks.  After that, I will have students complete lessons attached on my teacher website. I will be using lessons which we would have completed if we were in school. Please be sure to email me when you have questions.

    Sincerely,  Mrs. Tucker    Language Arts


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