Hello everybody & welcome back.

    In order to access classes on Monday you will need to do the following:
    log on to Classlink
    (blue cloud on the top right corner of the page)
    click on the CANVAS icon
    Click on the course you want to access
    Click on the link to the teacher's live lesson on their home page.
    (mine look like this)
    Zoom MWF      Zoom TT
    Make sure ZOOM is installed, loaded, & ready.

















    Bradley Monbarren



Mustang Head
  • Hello all and welcome to Technology and math.  I can guarantee you that the tools that are learned in this class will be used more in real life situations than any other class you have been in or are in so far.


    Class Supplies

    Web Tools: Bring something to write with.  Everything else is on the computer


    Adobe InDesign: Bring something to write with.  Everything else is on the computer.  Headphones are optional.


    ALL CLASSES: Disinfecting wipes are AMAZING.  As well as hand sanitizer.

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