Distance Learning


    For my class, we will be utilizing this website, Remind, and Microsoft Teams! 

    Please see either the Pre-Algebra Tab or Geometry Tab for your specific assignments

    Moving forward into Distance Learning:

    • All lessons and assignments will be posted Monday morning. You should expect 2-3 per week.
    • Work should be done daily, but due dates are flexible!
    • Assignments can be uploaded to FOCUS or TEAMS. Find the way that works best for YOU! 
    • It is imperative you check your school email, Remind and Teams every day! 



    Since I cannot answer your questions in person, I will be setting up virtual office hours. These, for now, will be M-F 10AM-1PM. You can reach me through email, REMIND, or Microsoft Teams!


    I will also be hosting weekly Q&As! Check your Remind for specific times each week.


    Miss you all,

    -Mrs. Ward

Remind Codes

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