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    When I said goodbye to you all before DC/Spring Break, I never imagined we would be here. It is a very strange/sad feeling to not be able to see you all every day and to not be able to interact with you in person. This is a brand new adventure for all of us. As we take on this task of distance learning, please be patient and flexible with your teachers, and we promise to do the same with you.

    For my class, we will be utilizing this website, Remind, and Microsoft Teams! I hope to post a video by Wednesday showing you how to navigate those 3 platforms for my class.

    Please see either the Pre-Algebra Tab or Geometry Tab for your specific assignments

    First 2 weeks of Distance Learning:

    • We will be using the district made packets. They can be found at this link: 8th Grade Packets
    • These packets were not created by me. Because of this, we have not yet covered all of this material. 
      • If you come across something we have not learned, try your best, but know that it WILL NOT COUNT AGAINST YOU


    Since I cannot answer your questions in person, I will be setting up virtual office hours. These, for now, will be M-F 10AM-1PM. You can reach me through email, REMIND, or Microsoft Teams!


    Miss you all,

    -Mrs. Ward

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