• New Year, New Novel Study

    Welcome to 2020 in Language Arts!  Students will be participating in an in-class book study featuring Alan Gratz's young adult novel Refugee, which is both historical and contemporary realistic fiction.  The novel's plot alternates between three inspiring stories about three remarkable kids in three turbulent eras.  

    Reading great novels is a wonderful way to teach students reading strategies, writing strategies, vocabulary, grammar, and more, and Refugee provides a rich and engaging text for students to enjoy as they learn.

    The reading will be conducted primarily in class.  However, pages of the text will be posted on this website for students to read when absent or to re-read for clarification, test preparation, and projects.  


    Be Prepared!

    Please remember that each day you must come to class prepared.  This means always having paper, a pencil (or pen), and your planner.