• Good art always starts with an idea.

    Before beginning any work of art every artist or designer needs to keep in mind that every composition starts with an idea. To use the design principles effectively it is necessary that the artist have an idea to express or an objective in mind. This is vital to the success of any art work. Without an objective, the most conscientious attention to balance, movement, emphasis, contrast, proportion, and space to create a unified composition, will result in uninteresting work. With an idea, however, even though the principles may be forgotten and used intuitively, a beautiful composition may emerge. 

    Every artist's goal should be to create a composition that is both unified and interesting to look at.

    In this class we will be developing posters and multi-media presentation, through the understanding of composition, using the Elements of Design and the Pricipals of Design. We will also be discussing the relationship of printing and mass media as a communication tool, on our everyday lives.

    The basis of all design is the arrangement of the elements of a work of art, using the design principles. It is the bringing together of various components into one area and arranging them in such a way as to create a composition, layout or design that is both unified and pleasing to look at. For example every artist whether they realize it or not is familiar with the elements of a composition.
    The elements are what the artist uses to create a composition. But it is HOW the artist brings these elements to together and arranges them upon the surface of a canvas that creates the composition. A design is the result of the application of the principles of design.