• Welcome to Mrs. Williams (Teal and Grey Class)
    4th Grade Class
    Williams Picture
    I am looking forward to a terrific 2017-2018 school year with you and your child!  I am anxious to get to know each of you in the coming months.  I believe that this year will be a happy and exciting one for your child; a year filled with new experiences, challenges and friendships.
    The year will be a time of learning for us all.  It will involve the cooperation of the children, parents and teachers.  By working together, we can expect to have a happy and successful year.  In the next few days, your child will be introduced to a few new procedures that I have implemented for the school year.  I will send their "Friday Folders" home each week which is designed to help keep you informed and allow our students to practice their organizational skills.  Please go over your child's weekly work.  The folder will also contain school newsletters, forms, graded papers, upcoming events, and papers that must be signed and returned to me.  I ask that you sign the Weekly Progress Report and your child must return the folder every Monday morning.
    Students will also receive a planner from me, where they are responsible for recording important dates, assignments, homework, and reading log minutes.  I ask that you sign the planner each night to confirm your child has completed their nightly required reading.  Reading is an important tool that I ask students to complete each night for at least 20 minutes.
    I will assign about 45 minutes of homework each night.  On Friday's you will have a reading assignment from your Wonders book.  Each student must remember to take their book home on Friday's along with their Friday Folders.  Reading from their Wonders book will count as time read and may be recorded in their planners.
Last Modified on August 1, 2017