Greetings, all! 

    My office hours (the times I am actively at my computer waiting to engage with you) are noon until 2 PM. I check in at other times, too.

    It has come to my attention that I have assigned 4 lessons in the last 3 weeks. I only meant to do one a week, so again, I have goofed. However, I am hearing from you that it is not too much. Here is what I propose: Let's keep moving forward, and if you have trouble keeping up, contact me and we will find a solution together. 

    This week (May 4-8) let's read Chapter 18, Lesson 2 (Early Japan). This is in your online textbook, named connectEd, which you can find in classlink, after logging in to the Cobb site. I will give you a reading support assignment and a quiz. These will all be posted in both Remind and in Teams.

    Those directions would have sounded like a string of nonsense words a few weeks ago. If you need me to translate this into regular people words, I woud be glad to. Just emai me, or reach out to me on Teams, or in Remind.

    One last thing, we talked a lot about primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are created by the people who lived through an event. YOU are living through history right now. I challenge you to keep a journal, or send emails to yourself, or paint a picture, or write a song, describing what it is like to live through a quarantine. What you note down this month will be studied by future historians and your great grandchildren. Think of it! YOU are the author of a primary source.