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    For Cobb Technology Support Helpdesk requests, please email COBB TECH Mojo Helpdesk-

    When you email the Cobb Tech Helpdesk a ticket will be automatically created and you should receive a confirmation email which includes your helpdesk ticket ID number.

    Please provide as much of the following information as possible:

    • Name of teacher/parent/student (9 digit student ID number)

      person submitting tech support request

    • Your Email Address

      for helpdesk ticket confirmation/ further contact

    • Describe Issue/Problem: 

      Need Password Reset?  
      Cannot login to ...? Error Message when...? 

    Include any other useful information that may assist is resolving the tech issue, such as-

    • Device type (PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone)...

    • Application having problems with (ClassLink, Office 365, Remind, Focus, etc)...

      The more information provided with your initial tech help request, the less likelihood of a delay in processing due to further information required to resolve the request.