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    For Cobb Technology Support Helpdesk requests, please email COBB TECH Mojo Helpdesk-

    When you email the Cobb Tech Helpdesk a ticket will be automatically created and you should receive a confirmation email which includes your helpdesk ticket ID number.

    Please provide as much of the following information as possible:

    • Name of teacher/parent/student (9 digit student ID number)

      person submitting tech support request

    • Your Email Address

      for helpdesk ticket confirmation/ further contact

    • Describe Issue/Problem: 

      Need Password Reset?  
      Cannot login to ...? Error Message when...? 

    Include any other useful information that may assist is resolving the tech issue, such as-

    • Device type (PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone)...

    • Application having problems with (ClassLink, Office 365, Remind, Focus, etc)...

      The more information provided with your initial tech help request, the less likelihood of a delay in processing due to further information required to resolve the request.


  • Computer

    Computer Users
    Users are responsible for the appropriate use of LCSB computers and communications resources, and for taking reasonable precautions to secure the information and equipment entrusted to them. Employees are responsible for reporting inappropriate use of company computers, and breaches of computer security, and assisting in resolving such matters. Users are responsible for adhering to policies and practices as described herein, and in other policies and procedures, to ensure that computer and communication resources are used in accordance with policy guidelines, and reasonable measures are taken to prevent loss or damage of computer information and equipment.


      Leon County School's (LCS) vision is to provide an empowering, safe, and respectful learning environment that embraces change and produces successful learners who value diversity and are conscientious contributors to our global society

    For this vision to be a reality, we must:

    1)     Graduate students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to compete at the global level by providing a competitive 21st Century learning environment that provides engaging and differentiated/ individualized instruction tailored to all students.

    2)    Integrate technology into the curriculum for students, teachers and parents to extend the learning environment beyond the regular school day to support learning as an on-going process.  Technology will support virtual learning and traditional classroom instruction to form a blended environment that will prepare students to be competitive as they enter the workplace or continue their education.

    In order to provide the technology enhanced environment of our vision we have set the following goals:

    1)      Creation of a 21st Century Learning Environment that includes the following:

    2)     A continuously connected environment for teachers, students, and staff by providing campus/department-wide wireless connectivity for all.

    3)     A 21st Century Classroom standard that provides relevant and proven technologies that enhance classroom learning through such items as interactive whiteboards, projection capability for teacher/student content, audio amplification, and document cameras as examples. 

    4)     Student Mobile Learning Platform that will be used for electronic text books, internet-based applications/content, collaborative learning, electronic submission of assignments/homework, interactive assessments for immediate feedback to teachers on lesson effectiveness/data for assessment analysis that support individualized instruction.

    5)      Implementation of a Local Instructional Improvement System (LIIS) as mandated by Race to the Top (RTTT) that supports individualized learning, assessments, common learning standards, etc.

    6)     Implementation of an IT and Data governance model to ensure alignment of IT with instructional and business goals and to ensure data integrity for all systems.