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    Ms. Clark's Computer Science Classes

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    Over the course of the school year we will be exploring Computer Scicence (CS) with units on coding, robotics, gaming, animation and design mixed in with STEMScience Technology Engineering & Math or as I prefer to think of it Strategies That Engage Minds. 

    We will examine areas of computer science with activities that utilize the 4 C's... Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

    Our classroom is an evolving, multi-functional makerspace where we may often turn the tables and desks for activites that require you to get your hands dirty, so it's a good thing we have several sinks in the room to clean up after ourselves :-).  We will enjoy learning about computers and technology while acquiring valuable knowledge and future career skills!  This year will involve a variety of CS explorations, everything from virtual field trips to dissecting and identifying computer components to building works of art from e-cycled/salvaged techno trash. 

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    Ms. Clark


    Computer Science/Technology Teacher

    Schedule of Classes 2021-2022

    Period 1:  Computer Science Discovery 1

    Period 2:  Computer Science Discovery 1

    Period 3:  Computer Science Discovery 1 (B Lunch) & Homeroom

    Period 4:  Digital Information Technology/Digital Media Fundamentals

    Period 6:  Computer Science Discovery 1