Parents are encouraged to have their child(ren) at school by 8:25 a.m.
    Supervision of students begins at 7:45 a.m. If you must bring your child to
    school before 7:45 a.m., please enroll him/her in the E.D.E.P. before school
    program. The safety of our children is a major concern. We are asking your
    cooperation to help us in providing a hazard-free environment.
    If your child arrives late to school you must sign him/her in at the front
    office counter. Your child will be admitted to class ONLY with a late pass.
    CHECK PROGRAM. You must have your Driver’s License with you.
    Please contact your child’s teacher 24 hours in advance to schedule classroom
    visits and conferences.
    It is the parent/guardian responsibility to notify the school regarding the
    reason for a student’s absence in a timely fashion.
    Absence is nonattendance of a student at school or in an approved educational
    activity/field trip or program on days school is in session. A student who is
    not physically present at school or not participating in an approved school
    activity as defined under the compulsory school law shall be counted absent
    and shall not be recorded as in attendance on that day.
    The law allows absences for illness or medical care, death in the family,
    religious holidays, prearranged absences for educational purposes approved by
    an administrator, financial and certain other special circumstances or
    insurmountable conditions. A student with an excused absence is not subject
    to any disciplinary or academic penalties.
    An unexcused absence takes place any time a child is out of school for reasons
    not recognized in the law. In these cases, the child may be subject to
    academic penalties. Unexcused absenteeism sufficient enough to jeopardize
    academic progress at the elementary and middle school levels is defined as a
    student being absent without an acceptable reason five (5) times in a calendar
    month or ten (10) times in a 90-calendar day period.
    Tardiness is any arrival at school after the tardy bell has sounded without an
    approved excuse. Likewise, students who leave school before the end of the
    school day have their learning interrupted. Unless the reason for leaving or
    late arrival is covered under Florida Statute, elementary and middle school
    students who are chronically tardy or leave early without an acceptable excuse
    more than five (5) times in a calendar month or ten (10) times in a 90
    calendar day period will be subjected to action as dictated by 1003.27, F.S.
    If the parent is the cause of the chronic tardiness or leaving early without
    an acceptable excuse, then 1003.27, F.S. shall be used to gain compliance.
    Tardiness and leaving early without an acceptable excuse are seen as a form of
    nonattendance, which is in violation of compulsory attendance statutes.
    In order to keep the spread of illness to a minimum, we ask that you keep your
    child home when:
    1.	They have a fever. (Your child must be fever
    free for 24 hours before returning to school).
    2.	They are vomiting or have diarrhea.
    3.	They are in the first day or two of a cold. (This
    is when colds are the most contagious).
    4.	They have a cough serious enough to keep
    them from concentrating on school.
    *Remember, we cannot keep sick children at school so please do not send a
    child to school with a fever, or if they have thrown up or have diarrhea.
    Keep them at home until you are sure they are well.