• Here at Hartsfield we seize the opportunity to be innovative educators by using technology inside and outside the classroom.
    Our campus is equipped with four computer labs: two main computer labs that all together seat 90 students and a mini lab that seats 12. 
    Each active classroom on campus has a teacher computer which is integrated into a sound system, document camera and projector that is aligned with an interactive white board. Just recently we added a 70 inch interactive flat screen for use in several classrooms, with more to come. 
    Every classroom is outfitted with at least four student computers. Additionally,  the school owns four laptop carts to circulate among the classrooms as needed. 
    Our Media Center is equipped with an interactive flat screen, as well as SIX new 3-D printers to further develop our STEM program, and a student-driven program of inquiry and discovery!
    Administrators and ESE teachers are also equipped with iPads to enhance the learning environment.
    All of these tools are supported by a high speed network infrastructure that supports wired and wireless devices. 
    Hartsfield school strives to meet student technology needs not only to help them excel academically but to provide our students with the technical aptitude they need to succeed in the future.