Requirements for School Bus Driver


    DrivReqs ers Record

    The district will request an entire driving history record (MVR) from all potential applicants considering employment as a school bus a driver.

    The district is required to request a driving history record on a specified schedule (prior to employment and at least three times annually or via weekly exceptions reports) for each person driving a school bus with students. These records are obtained using the Automated School Bus Drivers’ License Record Check System.

    Background Screening

    All potential employees if selected are required to submit fingerprints to Leon County Schools Fingering Services for the purpose of required background checks for criminal records through the state of Florida and federal law enforcement agencies, pursuant to Sections 1012.32 and 1012.465, FS. 

    Drug Screening

    Each school bus operator trainee must receive a pre-employment drug screening (Federal Omnibus Transportation Employees Testing Act of 1991, or OTETA). If a school bus operator was previously employed or volunteered in a position requiring a Commercial Driver License (CDL) during the two years prior, the new employer must provide documentation of a request for drug and alcohol testing results from previous employers who employed this individual in a CDL position.

    Medical Examinations

    Each school bus operator must pass a state-prescribed annual physical examination meeting United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) guidelines, and hold a valid Medical Examiner Certificate (Department of Education Form ESE 479). Certificates are retained in the school district’s transportation department. Also, Form ESE 479 is the annual dexterity and reflex test that must be completed successfully by each operator to ensure he or she is capable of performing key tasks relating to the operation of the bus.

    Driving Experience

    Each school bus operator shall have a minimum of five years of licensed driving experience (Class E License) or hold a Commercial Driver License (CDL) Class A or B CDL with a Passenger endorsement.

    Is training available?

    Leon County Schools Transportation Department follows the state mandated program to train bus drivers and/or assistants. The purpose of this training is to reduce the injury/death of school-age students while being transported to and from school, activity trips, and on school-sponsored trips.

    Training is available for selected applicants to become certified school bus operators for the purpose of driving for Leon County Schools. Training includes:

    • The Florida Department of Education School Bus Driver Curriculum
    • 40-hour school bus driver course, including 20 hours of classroom instruction using the Florida Basic School Bus Operator Curriculum, 8 hours of behind-the-wheel
    • Preparation to take the DHSMV CDL Written Test which includes:
      • General Knowledge Test
      • Passenger Test
      • Air Brakes Test
      • School Bus Test (S Test)

    How often is training?

    Each school bus operator must have received at least eight hours of annual in-service training related to school bus driving responsibilities. Throughout the school year, there are mandatory training and workshops.

    Policies and Procedures

    We abide by:

    • Federal Commercial Drivers Guidelines
    • Florida State Administrative Rules
    • Florida Statutes
    • State Motor Vehicle Laws
    • Local School Districts, Policies and Procedures

    Does the district have substitute drivers?

    No, the district does not employ substitute drivers.

Last Modified on November 7, 2017