• New SIS and other topics...

    Posted by William Nimmons on 10/13/2015

    A major task for Technology & Information Services is the selection and implementation of a new Student Information System (SIS).  After 10 years of using Genesis we've decided we needed to move to a modern and integrated web-based application that supports administration, teachers, staff, students, and parents.  We've narrowed our choices down to two vendors:  FOCUS and SKYWARD.  You can watch the videos of the vendor scripted demonstrations that we recently completed and provide your feed back to us on what you like/don't like at SIS Scripted Demos.


    All school sites should now be using Schoolwires as the system for their school's webpage.  This week we are rolling out the announcement of the web-based "app" for Schoolwires.  With this app, parents can select the schools that their children attend, and have content from the selected schools directly to the app.  We will work over the next year to get all teachers to start using Schoolwires for their teacher web pages. 


    Our next Technology contact meeting is this Thursday (October 15th).  After this meeting, it is planned that all Techcon meetings will be held on a specific day and will be MANDATORY.  We will talk about this at the upcoming Techcon meeting. 


    I hope to see  you all there!



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  • Schoolwires & MS Office365

    Posted by William Nimmons on 10/2/2014 11:00:00 AM
    Schoolwires:  Things are progressing smoothly on the Schoolwires implmentation.  By the end of today, the first 16 schools site will have received their training on how to create their sites.  We hope to have all schools sites trained by December.  So, hopefully you will see the different schools go live over the next several weeks after they've put what they've learned to use... :).  Future capabilites for Schoolwires is the ability for parents to register with a schools website and select pages they would like to be notified when they change.  We have a lot to learn interally about how all this works, but once we have a better understanding, we will look at turning on those features as well.  We are also evaluating the mobile app that is a part of Schoolwires as well and will activate it at a future date.
    Office365:  I will be sending out information soon on how your students who use Office365 can download up to 5 full versions of Office to various devices a student might own as part of our Office365 agreement.  This is know as "Student Select".  The good news is somewhere near the beginning of the year, we hope to turn this on for teachers and staff as well which is a new offering by Microsoft.  I tell you more about that when we get closer.
    Techcon Meetings:  Don't forget about the Techcon meetings on October 17th.  For our Techcons, be sure to attend one of these meetings.  An Outlook meeting invite has been sent out.
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  • Welcome Back! 2014-15 School Year

    Posted by William Nimmons on 9/2/2014 10:00:00 PM
    Hi everyone,
    Welcome back to another exciting year!  It has been a busy summer with the installation of over 2,800 HP desktops across the District.  I appreciate everyone's hard work to get all of that done over essentially a three week period.  I'm very thankful to the Capital Outlay Committee and Half Penny Sales Tax initiative to make that positive.
    With Half Penny funding we are also beginning the installation of 21st Century classrooms.  At the elementary school level the installation consists of a 70" interactive (6 points of touch) flat panel TV.  At the secondary level it consists of a 70" flat panel TV and a tablet device that connects wireless to the TV (via a protocol called Miracast).  We will be installing over 300 classrooms this year with our focus being on schools in most need (those who have little technology in the classroom).  
    Another initiative for this year is the implementation of Schoolwires as our LCS websites.  Our focus was on getting LCS District departments converted to the new website by 9/8/14 and then work to bring all school sites over the new system by the end of this school year (an aggressive schedule).  You will hear more about this as we progress with this project.
    We have a number of new Tech Specialist in the District which we will introduce in our first Tech Specialist meeting in the new school year.  A Tech Specialist best source of help are other Tech Specialist, so please be sure to guide them along with all you've learned over the years.
    In technology, as you all know, things never stay the same.  Our one constant is change....and this year is no different.  I will be talking about some of those changes in our first Tech Specialist meeting.  So, be sure to attend once we set the date.  We've held off holding the meeting until now because we know you all are simply overwhelmed with the start of the school year activities.
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