• Welcome students and parents my name is Mr. Wright and I will be teaching 6th - 8th grade Learning Strategies and 7th  & 8th Intensive Math. Myself and Ms. Rodgers will be here to support you in all your core classes if you are in my Learning Strategies Class and in Math if you are in my Intensive Math class.
    ATL Approach to Learning Grades 
    Dear Students, it is your job to contact either Ms. Rodgers or Mr. Wright at least once once week. After this week that contact must be made from Monday to Wednesday if you want to get credit for your ATL grade. If we contact you on Thursday or Friday you will get a ZERO for ATL. This will start next week  begining 4/20/20. THX ALL
    Virtual Office Hours
    Myself and Ms. Rodgers will be running office hours from 12:00 to 4:00 each day. Ms. Roders will be hosting on the Microsoft Teams App between 12:00 to 2:00 session and I will be hosting between 2:00 to 4:00. We can be contacted be email or text at anytime, but if you need to talk to us it needs to be during our office hours. If you have a computer with a camera and a microphone you can join us on Microsoft Teams for livechat. You can also post messages on Teams at any time.
    Ways to contact us
    Ms. Rodgers 12:00- 2:00
    Phone or text at Goolge Voice Phone (850) 888-0164 
    Email rodgersm@leonschools.net
    Mr. Wright 2:00-4:00
    Phone or text at Google Voice Phone (850) 269 8232
    Email wrighth@leonschools.net