Hello and welcome to Ms. Kisiah's web page

     I will be posting assignments and instruction and such here.  Look under the tab "assignments" and  " Important Documents"

    My "office" hours will be from 1:00-3:00 PM every week day.

    I am using the teacher web pages, email and teams to communicate lessons to students.  I am also including  links to some youtube sites to help explain some concepts.

    At the present time, I plan to update lessons and assignments on Monday and Wednesday

     *NEW*  check the assignments page for new assignments and new notes.  

    Dont forget to send me a picture or a short video by midnight Sunday of your homework. 

    Don't forget to check your quelity point for this year.  I believe you are all in good shape in my class, but double check ALL your classes to make sure you good to be promoted.

    Homeroom Students

     In my last e-mail to you all, I saked you to choose a book and start to read it.  If you have a copy of "The Lion the witch and the Wardrobe", choose that one.  If you do not choose any book that you have available.  Send me the name of the book and the author.

    I need to know what book you are reading, how many pages/chapters are in the book and what page/chapter  you are on each week.

    Only Mr Tatineni has sent me the name of his book.

    Your grade this 9 weeks will be based on your checking in once a week and updating me on the progress you are making on the book you are reading.

    You must check in at least once a week with this information.

    You must finish the book by May 8, 2020.

    I will post what you are to do for the assessment at that time.

    Good luck.  Stay safe and Happy reading!!!!!