Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sandra McCrimmon

I have been teaching Math at Deerlake for 17 years and love everything about it.  Moving our family from Miami, with my husband and I both teaching at Deerlake and our 4 daughters attending Killearn Lakes, Deerlake and Chiles, we are part of the community.  We see most students that pass through our classrooms year after year getting taller and smarter and turning into adults.  It is a unique experience.  

After receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from FIU, I began teaching Geometry, Pre-Algebra and Algebra II in Miami.  As we started our family, I taught part time at Adult Education programs including recovery math and consumer skills to adults with disabilities. At Deerlake, I have taught Geometry, Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, 7 Advanced, 7 Regular and 6 Advanced.  

I enjoy making math fun and having laughter in my classroom to bring "math happiness" to the students.